Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We all have our special gifts.

It’s only 10 a.m. and already it’s been a very exciting day.

Big Honkin’ Freeway, which I take to get to Corporate Behemoth, was backed up due to an accident. Cops were forcing five lanes of traffic into the far left lane. A stretch of road that typically takes 30 seconds took me 15 minutes to navigate.

But! In the midst of everyone trying to make road friends and merge? And everybody flipping off of the giant semi who was tailgating and refused to let anyone in?

There was The Guy in the Truck.

The Guy in the Truck passed me, slowing down to wave and wink. Umm? Ok.

And then he pulled in front of me and adjusted his mirrors to keep looking at me and smiling and winking.


I tried to think of it as a compliment. And then I realized that my seatbelt was perfectly dissecting my ample bosoms. And so I was a basically a mobile advertisement for BREASTS!

So, yeah. It’s Wednesday. I still have a sinus infection. But I’m bringing joy to the peoples.


  1. Hey, you brightened that guy's day, even if it was unintentional. Karma points are karma points. ;)

  2. Just think of it as improving the view, making the day a little bit better...

  3. Ain't nothin' wrong with flauntin' your goods, sister!

  4. Sometimes you just have to let the girls come out and play.

    See, I always knew you were a giver. You made that boy's day.

    Speaking of boys . . .any on the horizon?

  5. You go girl, give those gals some exposure, work it!

    Before I had my breast reduction (oh, they were freakin huge) my hubby called them Thelma and Louise. After my surgery he was given a condolence card by his buddies, for the loss of "his girls".

  6. Oh, the humanity! The seatbelt! Damn the seatbelt.

  7. Aha! THAT'S the trick--here all this time I was squashing mine DOWN with the seatbelt...