Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Feeling better now that I have this off my chest.

Today, I have one monumental thing to be upset about. Like, a life-changing thing to rattle my cage.

So, I'm focusing on the minuscule shit that pisses me off.

1. Mr. Wonderful's ex doesn't make eye contact with me. When I speak to her, she leaves the room without acknowledging me. This, gentle reader, hurts my feelings.

2. I spent half an hour in traffic, only to find that the tile shop did not have the tile for Mr. Wonderful's bathroom as they had promised. They apologized profusely. I cussed profusely once in the safety of my car.

3. The cheese-o-rama book on tape that I'm listening to in my car features a heroine who is known for her colorful language ... which amounts to "double damn." Who the fuck says "double damn" without incorporating at least three more naughty words into it?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got that off your chest. What is it with evil exes? And no tile? And weird swearing habits? I also hate it when characters in books "wander." No one ever wanders.

Saucy said...

Well dear Cha Cha, I can only draw the conclusion that Mr. Wonderful's ex finds it hard to be around you, especially since you have Mr. Wonderful, and she doesn't. That's how it goes. You win!

Just continue to be kind and gracious and attempt eye contact AT ALL TIMES. I suspect she may be like a feral dog. Maintain eye contact if you can.

katydidnot said...

double motherf**cking damn. shit.

Becky Brown said...

1. Indiginant attitude? Check.

2. Unwavering (and unwandering!) eye contact? Check.

3. Motherfucking decent vocabulary? Check, check, check.

You guys make me laugh. Thanks!