Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Safety first.

I just spent 43 minutes on the phone with AT&T getting my e-mail to work.


And so, to celebrate, I will tell you about The Greatest Thing Ever ... which also happens to be Reason Number 986,422,307 Why Cha Cha Needs a Digital Camera Already.

Mr. Wonderful's wonderful parents have a lake house. On a lake. Filled with water. And Foxie Doxie, Geriatric Poodle and I were invited.

Geriatric Poodle spent the weekend being held by Mr. Wonderful's delighted mom.

And Foxie Doxie?

Foxie Doxie spent the weekend wearing one of these:

It's a doggie life jacket. Made for doggies. By a company called ... Outward Hound.

I know. I know!

Foxie Doxie spent the weekend riding a boat. And inspecting the boat when it was docked. And swimming. And riding a waverunner. And standing just a bit straighter every time he put on his life jacket.

And Mr. Wonderful and I? We spent the weekend randomly calling out, "Outward hooooound!"


Melissa said...

snicker. Outward Hound. He probably imagined he was a rescue dog like a St. Bernard all weekend;)

BOSSY said...

This post needs to come with a Cute alert!

Cha Cha said...

Melissa: You are right. I think he pictured his little 12-pound self as a cross between a St. Bernard and Baywatch-era David Hasselhoff.

Bossy: You are also right. I put a lot of folks in danger by not clearly alerting readers to the cuteness about to sear their retinas. My bad!

tiger said...