Monday, September 22, 2008

Ahoy, matey.

Today’s question comes from the lovely and amazing Linda Crispell. I blame Linda for the fact that I can hardly move today. Her blog features her collections, collages and amazing home. After a visit to her blog, I got a wild hare to paint my laundry room and realized that another finished room in my home would mean an entire new room in which to decorate and fill with excellent estate sale finds … and so, it’s totally Linda’s fault that I have Kilz in my hair.

Blame her and check out her blog. We love her!

Linda’s question is: “If you did date Dave Grohl would you address the hair in the eyes thing?”

Mmm. An important question, especially in this election year. I don’t see the candidates addressing this issue enough.

Let me state first that My Boyfriend Dave Grohl is married and has a daughter. I believe in The Girl Code and would never put the moves on a married man. Ick. Plus, Mr. Wonderful and I are on a break. This doesn’t mean it’s ok to screw the copy girl … or Dave Grohl.

That said … if I was single and My Boyfriend Dave Grohl was single, and we bumped into each other at Dairy Queen and he bought me a chocolate dipped cone and the sparks flew (as they of course would) and we became an item … I would not address the hair in the eyes thing.

But Cha Cha, why?

Because he’s a grown man and can wear his hair however he darn well pleases. I love him just the way he is. Unless he’s getting hair in the lasagna or something.

Plus, people make fun of the way I pronounce “barrette.” I think I put too much emphasis on the R, so I sound like Pirate Hairdresser.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Gargh. A bit of long hair is sexy on a mate.

Linda Crispell said...

Don't hold your breath, the debates start this friday. I can totally see McCain coming up with a national haircut plan.
Thanks for your kind words about my little hovel.
Do you really have a Dairy Queen?

Saucy said...

I think you have great taste in rock stars but I like my musicians less hirsute. After the dipped ice cream, suggest a wax dip.