Monday, October 5, 2009

Conversations with my family.

Poochie and I talked on the phone yesterday.

Me: So, Poochie, people are starting to ask: what are you going to be for Halloween? It's going to be hard to top last year's Publisher's Clearinghouse Prize Patrol.

Poochie: Yeah, that was a lot of fun. I liked being the guy with the check.

Me: Yeah, you have the hair for it.

Poochie: Well, this year, we all want to go as something that works well together. Cuz that was fun last year.

Me: Uh-huh.

Poochie: We were thinking we could be the guys from the bad dojo in Karate Kid.

Me: The Cobra Kai?

Poochie: Uh-huh. And we could just spend the night being real assholes. 'Put him in a body bag, Johnny!'

Me: That's awesome. You know, you have the hair for it - you could blow-dry and feather your hair and be the lead guy from Cobra Kai.

Poochie: The sensai?

Me: Yeah! And you could yell, 'Sweep the leg!' And that guy was on Cagney & Lacey, too, so you know he's cool.

Poochie: That's a really good idea.

Me: Uh-huh. You have options.

Poochie: I was telling my friend Craig that he could be Mr. Miyagi, and he was all, 'Oh? Is that because I'm Asian?'

Me: Was it?

Poochie: Uh, no, it was because he's short and Asian and has a goatee. But I didn't point that out.

Me: Yeah.

Poochie: But, if the whole Cobra Kai thing doesn't work out, we might just go as all geese or all buffalo. And that way? We'd just all do the same thing, en mass, all night.

Me: That's hilarious. How would you dress as, like, a buffalo?

Poochie: Umm? Yeah. That part? I haven't figured that out yet.




Cute. I had a family trick or treat at my house with their 3 little kids. They were a pumpkin patch. Of course I am sure Poochie doesn't want to be that juvenile.

Unknown said...

Since it is the 70th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, how about a group of flying monkeys? Since they wear clothes, it might be easier than geese or bufallo.

Anonymous said...

Still crushing on your brother. Good grief is he cool! But his rationale for going as Cobra Kai is the best--so he can be an asshole to people all night. AWESOME.