Monday, April 19, 2010


This weekend, it finally happened.

Yes. Puppypalooza.

My Guy's two labradoodles - Big Lab and Bigger Lab - met Foxie Doxie and Lil' Frankfurter.

Let's review the starting line-up:
Big Lab: 70 pounds
Bigger Lab: 100 pounds
Foxie Doxie: 12 pounds
Lil' Frank: 7 pounds

Lil' Frank would like me to point out that while he's the size of a ferret, those seven pounds are pure muscle.

So, I took the doxies over to My Guy's house. His dogs were in the back yard. There was sniffing through the fence. Then? Then, I unleashed Doxie Madness upon Labradoodle Nation.

There was general sniffing. Lil' Frank was terrified of Bigger Lab and scuttled around, trying to avoid him. And then?Then, Foxie Doxie took a dump. Lil' Frank - despite the slow-motion movements and screams of "Noooooo ..." by yours truly and My Guy - ate it in one disgusting gulp.

I guess I'm going to have to revisit my updated version of Twisted Sister's "We're not gonna take it." Perhaps you've heard of my version? It's called "We're not gonna eat poop."

So, My Guy and I made mental notes not to let Lil' Frank kiss us. And then we all played tennis ball. The end.OK, not quite. Foxie secured the perimeter nonstop, which is another way of saying that in usual Foxie style, he ignored the other dogs since no one happened to be on leashes. Instead, he just trotted along the fence.

And Lil' Frank? Well, he played ball with Big Lab and Bigger Lab. It was just like watching a little kid try to play with big kids, except minus the frustration. Lil' Frank never got the ball, but he didn't seem to care. He just ran alongside his labradoodle companions and managed not to get stomped. We tried a two-ball system, where one ball was for the big kids and a second ball was thrown a moment later for Lil' Frank, and it worked for a while. But mostly, he was interested in being a part of the pack.As for My Guy and me? Well, we've been seeing each other for almost a year, so it was about damn time the kids met. We decided it was a wild success - nobody got bit, nobody got rabies, and everybody got really, really tired.

Also? We could, conceivably, in like 40 years, live together. Like The Brady Bunch. But furrier.


slow panic said...

why why why do they have to eat poop? why?

glad the kids all got along... it's a good sign.

Patti said...

nobody got bit, nobody got rabies, and everybody got really, really tired.

My exact definition of a perfect play group. :-)

itsjustme said...

Awwwww that is so sweet. I'm glad to hear it went well!! Poop eating or no, I say that is a slam dunk of a day.

mel said...

Glad to know mine isn't the only crap eater around. My gawd it's disgusting. Mad props to Lil' Frank for hanging with the big dogs.

Anonymous said...

Your title is SUCH a tease. And now I know why kids might be superior to dogs--my kids have never, ever eaten poop--not their own, not any body else's.
So glad the meeting of the extended families went well!

8 said...

Glad the meet and greet went well, except for the poo poo platter consumption!

Fannie said...

When the Terrorist was a puppy, much to our horror, she ate her OWN poop. When I took her to the Vet I was informed this was not uncommon (blech!) and we got her a prescription for something that made her poop disgusting enough she stopped eating it. I wish I didn’t know that!

sherilee said...

Love it. Love the dogs, love that they got along, love that you and your guy have been together almost a year. The poop? Not so much. But, what to do?

And I'm with Green Girl. That was a bit of a tease there...

Iron Needles said...

Lil Frank so could have worked the big dawgs with some trippin' up action to get to the ball first! In and out of the legs, weaving and dodging....doxies can do that!