Thursday, October 21, 2010

Because the people demand satisfaction!

So ... Poochie's wedding.

Was lovely. Obviously.

The day was warm and sunny. Everybody was happy. I did a pretty OK job of officiating. I got sunburned, which was awesome since my dress had an asymmetrical neckline. I now have one pink boob and one pale boob.

And now I understand why so many wedding blogs are mostly pictures with very little text. It's hard to explain the hubbub of the day. Our sweet neighbors - who are kind of like grandparents to me and Poochie - were there, smiling and laughing. The rowing club held oars up for the happy couple - who met rowing - to walk through. We enjoyed Dutch letters - yummy pastries filled with almond paste - in lieu of cake.

And Poochie? Was so, so happy. Which made me happy.
You can see more photos here. If you need a photographer in central Iowa, call Allison. She was wonderful. Obviously.

Photo #1 courtesy of the tourists who snapped a pic with Poochie's iPhone. Photo #2 courtesy of Allison Marie Photography.


Trixie Bang Bang said...

Nice. And nice recap - you're right, too hard to capture so let the pics do their job (being worth a 1000 words).

itsjustme said...

Awww, They are a very cute couple. I hope Poochie and Mrs. Poochie always remember how happy they were on that day.

I can't wait to see your wedding pictures!!!!

Cyndi B. said...

Wow, what gorgeous pictures! You look fantastic, btw.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell, he looks so damn happy, such a gorgeous bride, such a fabulous ceremony--I guess my cold heart thawed out and now I'm quite charmed by the whole thing.
And your hair and dress! Totally channeling some flapper from the 20's--j'adore! You look SO sophisticated! Just as lovely as the Main Attraction!

8 said...

ChaCha you looked beautiful and Poochie and bride were stunning as well. Looks like it was a nice ceremony.......