Monday, July 25, 2011

Separated at birth. Obviously.

Me: I will only go to Branson if we can see Dolly Parton.

My Guy: She’s not usually there.

Me: Well, nevermind then.

My Guy, thinking, but smartly not verbally expressing: You are insane.

Me: Have you ever seen 9 to 5?
My Guy: I don’t think so.

Me: It’s a fantastic movie! She’s so funny!

My Guy: Is that the one where she dresses like a man?

Me, thinking but also verbally expressing: What? No! You’re insane!

My Guy: Oh, right. That’s Yentl.
Me, dead on floor from laughter-induced heart attack: Noooooo!

My Guy: Oh, right.

Me: Bwah ha ha!

My Guy: I’m your husband! You’re so lucky! Jesus decrees that you love me even though I get my 80s movies confused!

Me: How could you confuse Dolly Parton and Barbra Streisand?


Me: Well, you’re obviously straight.

And … scene!

Images courtesy of Google Images. Which rocks.


Janet said...

LOVE your response! Clearly he IS straight. Very straight. At first I was thinking he meant Tootsie! Which is a man dressed as a woman and even less likely.

Mrs. Hall said...

yeah, that's funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

THAT is so rich! Streisand and Parton--you can see how he'd be confused.

Magic27 said...

Like Janet, I also thought he meant Tootsie - and that is even less likely (confusing Dustin and Dolly?!). Though I admit that confusing Barbra and Dolly is quite an achievement too...
Hope you're feeling better now!