Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paper + sand = awesome.

I just realized that I have perfectly symmetrical chest and back zits. Disgusting in the front! Disgusting in the back!

Did I mention that we're getting ready to go to the beach?

In 10 days, My Guy and I will be enjoying the sands of lovely Florida. I am already trying to decide if I should start out with a mojito or break out all my calorie-busting moves and start with a margarita. Did you know that the hotel lounge chairs have these little flags on them, and when you want a waiter, you just put the little flag up? And your waiter walks over and takes your order and brings you the tropical drink of your choice and you never have to get up off your probably sunburned ass?

Yes, it is my idea of heaven.

But I do need some help. I need books! Got any recommendations for good beach reads?


itsjustme said...

I went an a total read-fest this summer. Water for Elephants, The Help, Michael Connelly, and David Baldacci.

Have fun! I just got back from Florida. I almost missed the Texas heat. . . almost. That humidity is a killer though!

Patti said...

The FInancial Life of Poets by Jess Walter (hilarious)

Look at Me by Jennifer Egan (really well written-great story)

Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl

Loved them all and I am very picky! Very. Picky.

Trixie Bang Bang said...

I've heard that The Hunger Games is pretty good. I'm picking it up next.

I second the recco of The Help if you haven't enjoyed that one yet. My fave of 2010 for a good story.

The Glass Castle...always my 1st recco if you haven't read it before.
Have fun, I hope you are too drunk on tropical drinks to do much reading! I heard alcohol with umbrellas cures shingles...or at least makes ya forget about them.

Jan said...

Do you like mysteries/crime novels? After watching Zen on Masterpiece Mystery, I have the Michael Dibdin books on my list. I'm buying Tao of Travel by Paul Theroux this week too. Hope you have a great trip!

8 said...

The Help, Water for Elephants, Are you there Vodka, Its Me Chelsea, Eat Pray Love, The One that I Want, and for the tear jerker the Last Song. Happy Reading.........