Monday, February 6, 2012

It can't last forever, right?

I just downloaded photos of my camera for the first time since August.

Yes, that was 6 months ago.

I rediscovered some great stuff. Remember that time the labradoodles got into a bag of fiberfill, but I couldn't bring myself to clean it up because a) they were so happy; and b) it made our basement look like heaven?
Ah. Good times.

But most of the photos are a series of before and during photos that document our current renovations.

This would be the master bath "before."This is the bathroom where we found a half-eaten bowl of rice and beans in a drawer.
After the demo, our driveway looked like this.Sadly, I wasn't able to salvage the shower or toilet for use as planters. I guess the landscape design will have to wait.

Sure, this looks scary. But it's a sign of fresh tile.Bet your living room isn't this spacious. Bet it doesn't have a mattress in it, either.And I bet your dining room is a bit more spacious.
Think we need to touch up?
It's overwhelming. But ... at least the house still has all the original doorknobs.
So, I'm gonna focus on that.


itsjustme said...

Keep taking pictures. I LOVE old houses and before and after shots. Think of how much fun it will be when it is finally all 20 years. hahaha.

Like the couch in the dining room. Edgy ; )

If I ever get the stupid house I'm trying to buy, I'll take pictures like a mad thing!! ~ the diva

Anonymous said...

I'm applauding your commitment--and imagining the final photos someday.
That one of the dog in the fluff reminds me of when my toddler sons tore apart a bean bag chair and filled the room with tiny styrofoam pellets...good times. Yes, I took photos, too.

Janet said...

I love the fiber fill picture! I still think of your "rich with puppies" post every once in a while. :-)