Sunday, August 12, 2012

We're gonna need a montage!

Being unemployed is weird.

Thursday, I went to the pool. The pool! For 4 hours! It was craziness!

Friday, I ... don't quite remember what I did. I know I walked the dogs.

Saturday, I ran some errands, then fell asleep on the couch.

Today, I walked the dogs, made a pot roast, and made some curtains my bitch by hemming them to an appropriate length. Like a boss. The boss of my house, the greatest housewife ever in the history of housewifery.

Except that I burned my arm on the iron. Which would be no big deal, except that we didn't have any aloe in the house. And I am allergic to a bunch of ointments and stuff. So, we tried a spray, and it turned my arm red, and I felt like barfing, so I cried. Ugly cried.

Even as I was crying, I knew that I wasn't crying about my arm. I was crying about my stressful week. Because even though I can't even remember what I did on Friday? I still feel like a loser for getting sacked. And what sort of sucktastic woman can't manage to iron a curtain - a giant piece of flat fabric - without searing off some flesh?

My arm is fine. I'm fine, too. The curtains look fantastic. I'm just so tired - emotionally drained from the last few months. I mean, let's be honest - while being barren and fired sounds like a great set-up for a feel-good rom-com, it sort of sucks in real life. Right now would be the "I'm kinda depressed" montage.

So, I'm being quiet. I'm reading a lot. I'm attempting to buy my husband's love with crock-potted meats. And I'm trusting that tomorrow will be better.


Dorrie said...

When it happened to me, the first two weeks were the hardest. It took about a month for me to adjust and really start to feel better. It also took me about 7 months to find a job as that was when the economy was at its worst. Not that I didn't have breakdowns now and then, my husband and I realized we were happier with me home. We definitely had less stress in our lives when we were together and also had more time for quality time. I eventually found a job that I enjoy going to every day. The people are nice, they appreciate the work I do and they realize it is important to balance your work/home life. Good things will come your way. Take this time to enjoy life with Your Guy and being a Mom to your furry kids. Look at it as a rare opportunity. It's a good thing.

Unknown said...

Getting released from that place was the best thing that ever happened. You just can't see it yet. Watch for coming attractions! And enjoy your time off.

8 said...

"If you're going through hell, keep on going"....... It's ok to go through these "ugly" emotions so you can be free to be happy once you have dealt with this. Hugs.

Mrs. G. said...

Just let the suck suck for a while. May I suggest fatty snacks and a viewing of the movie Ice Castles. Crank up the final song to muffle the sound of your therapeutic sobs.xxoox