Monday, October 29, 2012

Obviously, not much to report.

I got my aspiration on today. It went well, and now I have a lovely bruise on the ol' boobie.

As usual, I can't take any good painkillers - only Tylenol. I don't mean any disrespect to the fine people who make Tylenol, but ... WTF, Tylenol? Seriously. Tylenol is only good when you pair it with wine. Which I am. Because I am a proactive, smart, take-charge, kind-of-buzzed lady.

Kudos to Average Jane who advised that oh, crazy lady, maybe you don't need to tell your new male boss exactly why you need to take the afternoon off. Good call. Based on Jane's comment, I mentioned it to My Guy ... who was basically like, "Oh dear God! Why would you tell your boss about your boob? No! Nooo!"

So, yeah. Thanks, Jane!

Mega thanks, too, to my dear husband, who understands that every breast procedure calls for burgers and fries. So, when I texted him, "The boob needs Five Guys," he did not question the request. Instead, he came home with fries and burgers - the perfect accompaniment to Tylenol and wine.

He just offered me more wine. I should probably stop blogging.


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Five Guys solves so many problems, doesn't it?

Sorry to hear about your boob, chacha. I've been an absentee blog reader and missed what was going on. Now that I'm here, I'm thinking of you and wishing you boobs that stay healthy and crispy fries. :)

cookingwithgas said...

that man is a keeper- we ate there once unaware of the size of the "small" fries and burgers. I was full for a week!

Average Jane said...

You're welcome! Just another service I provide. ;)

Cyndi B. said...

Five Guys and a bottle of wine...a fine meal!

Feel better soon!

Average Jane said...

Also, I credit my late stepmother for teaching me the phrase, "You don't have to tell everything you know."

8 said...

MyGuy is a keeper. I love that your text required no explanation and no questioning. Soul.Mate.

Unknown said...

Your husband is so understanding and sweet. He's a keeper. Glad he takes good care of you and understand your situation. That's what you call true love.
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