Friday, June 21, 2013

In which I open myself up to ridicule.

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Since I work from home, I guess this means the dogs felt gypped. To show his disapproval, Foxie Doxie got in the ladytime trash again.

This time, instead of just enjoying the delights of ladytime trash, he left bits of used, half-eaten ladyproducts in one of my shoes.


In an effort not to kill my dachshund terror, I have compiled a list of all of the pet names I use to refer to my canines. These are names of adoration, the monikers of love. You know, what I call them when I'm not saying "Who did this?" or "We go POTTY OUTSIDE."

I'm trying to channel the adorableness in hopes of forgetting the assholery.
They're so cute when they're unconscious.
Actually, this guy is pretty OK all the time.
When they're cute, well-behaved, and / or asleep, I call them:
  • Babies
  • Chickens
  • Little chickens
  • Baby chickens
  • Fluffy chickens
  • Chicken pot pies
  • Sweetness (this is a collective name, kind of like "Dawn" of "Tony Orlando and Dawn")
  • Baby puppies
  • Pumpkin bears
  • Lil' pumpkins
  • Baby bears
  • Honky bears
  • Fluffy honkies
  • Honkies
  • Crazy paws
  • Love (again, another collective, back-up singer-esque name)
  • Puppy loves
  • Chow hounds
  • Noodles
  • Noodleroos (at last, the mystery of my blog title is solved - I named it after my dogs)
So, yes, I'm That Lady. But I have no doubt that there are awesome dog monikers that I'm missing. What do you suggest? What do you call your furry pals?


  1. Perpaderps. They're not that bright...

  2. I am so "borrowing" your idea and listing my dog's nicknames in tonight's blog post. I may as well own the crazy.

  3. 'His Highness' immediately came to mind ...

  4. My 4-legged wonder is a cat:
    The Queen
    Cleopatra (her actual name)
    Pretty Kitty (she answers to this)
    Darn Cat
    ^the other version of that word + Cat
    gosh-darn-it, Animal! (oh, wait, were these supposed to be nice names?)

  5. I call them all $%&$%#@ dang %$#@&*(. Just sayin...

  6. Ours are Mary Ann and Ginger when they're behaving.

    When they're not behaving, it's Ginger Marie (middle name used when she's in trouble) and Farklepants.

  7. Whew....I spent the day reading the last year of your life. :) Love reading your blog.

    1. Joni, I'm so glad you're back ... and I'm humbled that you read all those archives! Thank you!

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