Sunday, December 8, 2013

My heart isn't the only thing that's cold.

I'm compiling the index for an academic book right now. Yes, the life of a freelance writer/editor IS that exciting.

The good news is that I find the task rather delightful. It speaks to my nitpicky editorial OCD. And I love having immediate, tangible results. It's one of those jobs that makes me think, "The world NEEDS me!"

The bad news is that indexing has completely infiltrated my brain. I dreamt about it last night, and today? Today, I keep thinking of my day in terms of how I would index it.

A sampling:

furnace. See not working
husband 3-4, 9, 10-15
     disgust towards 10
     out of town 11-15
     travel to Florida, even if it is for work 9
not working 1-20
     furnace 1-20
     my fingers and toes 3-20
thermostat not matching actual temperature in house 10
winter coat 15-18
     donning inside house 16-18
     feeling like a dork 16
     not caring 18-20
winter weather 1-20
     shoveling snow 0
     why I got married in the first place. See husband,
       disgust towards
WTF 2-20

I hope you're staying warm and safe and have a slightly better attitude than the one I'm currently sporting.


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Our pellet stove ran out of pellets today. My husband is retired and the pellet stove is his domain. So why did we run out? Because it is freaking COLD here (single digits) and my dh refuses to purchase more than 5 bags of pellets at a time. He wants the store to STORE the pellets for him. Which is what is happening tonight -- the good pellets are at the (closed) store.
Hello, retired man? It's not right to run out of pellets in a freeze! (We do have and use a furnace that runs on natural gas, so we haven't succumbed to winter coats in the house... yet.)

Holly @ The Grass is Always Greener said...

Hope you stay warm. I'm apparently one of the few people in my county with heat.

Heather Nelson said...

I know I shouldn't laugh at your irritation, but this entry makes me laugh so hard!

Cassi Renee said...

I have no idea how to compile an index. And after reading yours, I'd be scared to start :-)

smalltownme said...


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a job!
Your humor in this freezing cold is good to have.