Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ceramic squirrels are a girl's best friend.

Did you stab anybody over Christmas?

A few women did. One lady stabbed her fiancé during an argument over the color scheme for their wedding. Another woman was so upset when her boyfriend came home without beer on Christmas that she beat and stabbed him with a ceramic squirrel.

A ceramic squirrel.

Honey, you know I've got an opinion on this. Check out my take on ceramic-squirrel-on-human violence at Aiming Low.


Holly @ Everydays a Hollyday said...

I must get a ceramic squirrel

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Thinking of the logistics of turning a ceramic squirrel into a hand grenade now...tailgaters...

Rainbow Motel said...

Wouldn't a porcupine have been a better choice?