Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stack your pets for easy storage.

I'm having trouble getting motivated today. Nothing seems more important that holding my shivering Lil' Frankfurter.

He's always cold.

It hurts my heart, but it has created moments that have warmed my heart considerably.

We have a lot of hot dachshund-on-labradoodle action at our house. It looks affectionate, but I'm pretty sure it's just Lil' Frank's way of scamming body heat from Big Doodle. The Stack, as we call it, takes on many shapes and forms.

There's The Wall Stack:
 The Face-in-Crotch Stack:
 The Bathroom Tile Stack:
The "Hey - Let's Spread Out Right in Front of the Dishwasher Because That's Super Convenient" Stack:
 The Sunshine Stack:
 The "Holy Crap, Those are Two Cute Butts" Stack:
 And, of course, The Mega Adorable Stack:
It kind of burns your retinas, doesn't it?


Cyndi B. said...

Aw, so cute! Our dogs usually are butt to butt, no stacking.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought it about you, Cha Cha. You are STACKED!
Love those cozied-up mutts.

Cassi said...

Is that little one super tiny? Or that big one super big? :-)

The lil' guy needs a wool sweater. On top of his natural wool sweater!

Unknown said...

Sweet! So glad you are back. Missed you lately.

Becky Brown said...

I've noticed that in your pics, Cyndi! I appreciate your pups' style.

Becky Brown said...

Girl, you made me laugh out loud!

Becky Brown said...

Oh, thanks, Carolyn!

Becky Brown said...

Cassi, it's both! The big one is 88 lbs and the little one is 5 lbs. And yes, people do laugh when we walk down the street.

Kari Wagner Hoban said...

They are so cute.
I need a dog or two so I can make a stack too.
Not a SNACK a stack.
Because that would just be wrong.

smalltownme said...

They are adorable. We have cat stacking here, but they don't actually touch, they just share different levels of the couch.