Sunday, July 17, 2016

Addendum to my tale of eye rabies: Advice for CVS and Walgreens.

Hi. I like your stores because if I ever need Funyuns, mascara, ringworm treatment, and first-class people watching, you provide one-stop shopping. Thanks for that.

I recently received a prescription for drops to treat my ongoing eye rabies. My doctor didn't call the prescription in to my regular pharmacy. Instead, he called it in to the local Walgreens, as a manufacturer's rebate was available only at the Walgreens.

No problem at all. I drove to the Walgreens. I went inside and stood in line at the pharmacy. And then ... I thought it was funny that a Walgreens would have signs for CVS.


I had gone to CVS. Because Walgreens and CVS always build their stores across the street from each other. And both have red signs and similar branding.

Dammit, CVSalgreens, I can't tell you apart. And it has nothing to do with the eye rabies. To me, you are one entity.
I nonchalantly left the CVS, hoping no one was watching as I got in my car and drove across the street to the Walgreens. I got my eye drops. My eyes were on the road to recovery. But my ego was bruised.

I am an adult woman. I can read. I function in society. And yet I can't tell a CVS from a Walgreens.

Dear people of CVSalgreens, for the love of all that is holy, somebody change your branding. Please, please, somebody use a color that's not red for their sign lettering. Somebody choose a secondary color that isn't blue or grey. Please, in the name of Oprah, baby pandas, and all good, pure things, differentiate your stores so that I don't need a big ol' vat of store-brand migraine medicine.

Unless that's your objective.


Well played, CVSalgreens. Well played.


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I hope your case of eye rabies is being chased away by the new meds.
I'm going to have to pay attention to this pharmacy war/confusion now. I suspect you have discovered a national crisis. And really, ACE Hardware could also be in on the act here, right? Because their sign lettering is red.

Becky said...

D'oh! While I can claim that has never, ever happened to me, it has happened to my better half. And while I won't make fun of you for doing it, I had the best time roasting him on the subject.

Kari Wagner Hoban said...

OMG you make me laugh every damn post.
By the way, our Target pharmacy is now a CVS.
So a Cvstarget.
Starget should totally be a word.

BentNotBroken said...

I hope the new medication is putting an end to the eye rabies!

I've made the CVS/Walgreens mistake too. Recently. Supposed to go to CVS and ended up at Walgreens. And I lost my car* while at the wrong place (*Technically it wasn't lost, it was in the driveway at home. I drove my husband's car that day, not mine.).

The woman who once got so lost she ended up in the wrong state

Anonymous said...

I bought Blue Bonnet LIGHT margarine because it looked the same as the regular. I go to the wrong bank, the wrong gym, the wrong restaurant because everyone uses the same names and logos. It's the idiot marketing teams, not us.