Monday, August 4, 2008

Proof I am the person I want to be.

I received these two voice mails last week:

1. Cha Cha, it’s Mo! Ohmigod! You will never believe this, but RICHARD SIMMONS is going to be at MY WALGREENS tomorrow, IN PERSON! He’s going to be signing copies of Sweatin’ to the Oldies or something. I don’t know why, but this totally made me think of you. I wish I could go. Love you – bye!

2. Cha Cha, it’s Alice. Listen. We’re at the roller derby and we need your help. We can’t remember the rules, but last time you knew all the rules and nuances and we need you. If you get this, call me back right away. Ok? Bye.

1 comment:

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I KNOW I don't know many people who'd have even ONE of these messages. Roller Derby??? You must go on about this!