Monday, September 28, 2009

Sleep and sheets and football and pottytraining.

The lovely Coco at Screaming for Chocolate gave me some bling! The Honest Scrap award is for "blogging from the heart."
I think that might be code for "airing your dirty laundry and calling it art." Whatevs.

In honor of this honor, here are 10 things about me that are honest and true:

1. I am a tired girl. I am worn down, and feel weary by the travel and work and time away from home. I guess I'm more of a delicate flower than I would like to admit. I prefer to think that I can do anything and am quite invincible. Instead? I'm exhausted and have a sore throat.

2. When I got home from my recent work travel, I arrived home at 12:30 at night. And I didn't change the sheets my dogsitter / housesitter had slept on. I just fell into bed. And the night after that, and the night after that. Yes. I slept on someone else's sheets. I'm sort of gross.

3. I sleep with a nightguard. I don't grind my teeth, but I clench my jaw.

4. Said nightguard has a chunk out of it, courtesy of Foxie Doxie. Evidently, he mistook my $400 nightguard for a Nylabone. Luckily, my periodontist filed down the missing corner and I didn't have to shell out dinero for a new nightguard.

5. When I talk about my periodontist or spend money on stuff like a dental nightguard, I remember what I thought it would be like to be a grown up. This ain't it.

6. As a child, I thought driving on a freeway was the ultimate in glamour. Keep in mind that my hometown has exactly 11 stoplights.

7. My junior high PE teacher's son is a big, big stud for the Iowa Hawkeye football team. My entire hometown is so proud of him, and Brent Musberger mentioned my hometown during Saturday night's Iowa / Penn State game. I feel sort of famous.

8. I love college football. I wore Iowa Hawkeye t-shirts all weekend and about jumped out of my skin after Saturday's big win over Penn State.

9. The Guy With Two Dogs watched Saturday's game with me and didn't act surprised or distressed when I jumped up and down, yelled at the TV, or cussed like a sailor.

10. I am starting to really fall for Guy With Two Dogs, and not just because our football viewing styles are compatible. This is both exciting and completely terrifying. Terrifying because I could get hurt, but mostly because I could hurt him. It's like my friend SG talking about her niece: when asked what big-girl underpants meant, this potty-training novice mumbled, "Sponsibility." It's like that.



I love that Sponsibility. Ewww 400 bucks for the mouth piece. I bought a dollar mouthpiece for football players. LOL.

I am a site at night. Cpap mask on my face, mouthguard in my mouth. The worst is when I wake up with strap and mask marks all over my face. Lovely.

mel said...

Oh, Sponsibility. How I never wish we'd met. I'm tired too and I never imagined being an adult was this...

I need a nightguard, because I do grind my teeth. Thinking of the dentist or spending money makes my palms sweaty though. So I haven't bit the bullet yet.

I love college football and secretly want to bash the husband's face in for not going to games with me, claiming he'd had enough in college.

Take it slow and easy with Guy with Two Dogs and see what happens. Try not to beat yourself up too much. Of course, this is coming from someone in therapy, so do with my advice what you will...

gertrude said...

Great post - and yay Iowa! Being a PSU hater I was cheering for them too. Glad there are other gals out there as obsessed with the sport as I am.

Cyndi B. said...

#5...I completely agree. Not what I imagined.

Anonymous said...

Hm, interesting fun facts about you!
You and Mr. D would be two peas in a pod as he spent the entire evening at MY class reunion glued to that game while sitting at the bar. He was so happy, too