Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things that are awesome.

Last night, I had a headache. So, I watched Dancing With the Stars. And then I took an Advil PM. And then I fell asleep watching an Oprah replay of her interview with Mackenzie Phillips (which I can't even comment on except to say that Valerie Bertinelli looks exactly the same).

And then?

Then, I had trouble waking up this morning. I am exhausted. The travel has just made me realize that like it or not, I have delicate flower tendencies and need a little time to recoup. I've been exhausted all week, and that, combined with the Advil PM, made me a little slow on the uptake this morning.

Lil' Frankfurter and Foxie Doxie were not amused.

In the middle of the night, I had evidently knocked one of my pillows - my favorite pillow, actually - off the bed. And when I failed to spring into action with my alarm clock?

Well, the boys showed their dissatisfaction. By peeing on my pillow.

Yes. Both of my dogs managed to flip me the bird even though they don't have actual fingers. They peed on my favorite pillow.

As you may recall, this is my second pillow felled in two months by dog body fluids.

Basically, I walked around my house roaring like a dinosaur this morning, attempting to express the gravity of the situation and my superior, alpha standing in our pack. I don't think I was successful, but at least I have an excuse to go to Target this weekend.

And, as one of my coworkers so helpfully pointed out, when your dog pees on your pillow? Well, the rest of your day is bound to be an improvement.


itsjustme said...

As you may or may not know, an unfortunate set of circumstances has me living with the parentals as I try to sell my house.

It turns out my mother yearns to be a dog trainer . . . if you get really desperate send the pack to Plano. She'll have them whipped into shape in no time.

Of course you are totally screwed once they return to you (nothing personal, (I'm in the same boat), but wow you'll be impressed with how well behaved they are CAPABLE of being for others ; )


Well I guess your co-worker was right. I haven't had to deal with Oliver peeing on the bed or pillows. He likes to pee on the side of things. Like the fridge, sofa, ottamon, luggage. The turd. And right after he has came in from the outside too.

I hope you get some rest.

Cerwydwyn said...

Not to be insanely mother-like or anything since you don't actually know me but why don't you crate your dogs? I have 2 doggies who are wonderful inside but I do not trust them once we are all in bed. Besides, they love their crates. Even during the day when they have full run, they will do and nap in their crates. They're like caves or dens and they can be on their own pillows in there.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh....peeing on your pillow is NOT cool. I'd pull out the wire clothes hanger act for sure in response to a stunt like that!