Thursday, November 12, 2009

Livin' the dream.

I'm stranded in the Milwaukee airport.

Me and my posse from Corporate Behemoth.

This after a 9-to-5 meeting that left us all tired and a bit cranky.

Now? We are cranky and tired and wondering if we're going to get home tonight. I have already pulled the trigger and texted Puppy Love Lisa, asking her to spend the night with Foxie Doxie and Lil' Frankfurter. Because she is the greatest human ever.

And now? My posse is splayed about the Milwaukee airport, feet propped up on suitcases, laptops out, none of us using them for work-related purposes.

I will share other highlights of this quick trip to Boston:

1. The Doubletree gave the same hotel room to two people. This meant that at midnight last night, some poor dude spent 10 minutes trying to key into my hotel room while I watched through the peephole.

2. The Doubletree also screwed me by calling me at 12:15 a.m. ... to ask when I wanted my wake-up call. Seriously? Fuck you, Doubletree.

3. In the midst of today's meeting, I realized that one of my coworkers looks just like Sam the Eagle. You know, from the Muppets.
This made me look around the conference room, trying to decide what other members of the Muppet menagerie were represented at Corporate Behemoth.

I think we've got a Scooter.
And a few Bunsen Honeydews. I do work for a software company, after all.

4. In the restroom at the Milwaukee airport, on the sign-in sheet where workers note when they cleaned the facilities? One of the employees signs his name "Bill The Thrill."
Right on, business trip. You rock.


Unknown said...

I spent 5 years traveling non-stop, including living in a Hampton Inn 4 nights a week for 19 months. Once, they gave me the same room they gave to the man in front of me in line. Luckily, I overheard his room# and told them. Another time, I walked into the room which was obviously lived in. At first I thought they hadn't cleaned the room yet but then I noticed the open suitcase and the clothes hanging in the closet. Luckily, the room was unoccupied at the time. And the third time I opened the door to my room and noticed immediately the shower was running, a towel was shoved under the bathroom door, the lights and TV were on and a woman who must have been sitting on the bed I could not see, called out 'John?'. I didn't say a word and hightailed it to the elevator. Luckily, the doors opened immediately because I heard their door open just as the elevator doors were closing. If nothing else, the experiences make for good stories to tell your friends and family. Hope you make it home soon.

Anonymous said...

About wet my pants laughing. You are SO funny! And two hours away! How I could not have read this last night and joined you for cocktails...GAH!

8 said...

You have such a way with words! Sucks to be stranded...... at least you can now think of the Muppet cast when in your next meeting!

mel said...

What, do you think, is the liklihood of 'Bill the Thrill' having a mullet? Or a skull and dagger tattoo? Or both?

Wenderina said...

on the joy and glamour of business travel:


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