Friday, November 20, 2009

Random much?

I feel like I've been cheating with blogging this week. Yeah, I'll tell you a story ... but I'm gonna crib some movie dialogue or a funny video to pad it all out. You know, so you feel like you're getting your money's worth.

Oh, wait. Reading blogs is free. Whatever.

So lemme tell you the real dirt.

My editorial partner in crime, Dorothy, scored her dream job. Like, angels brought it down from heaven and gently deposited it in her lap while Bon Jovi performed "Livin' on a prayer."

Yes, it's that good.

I am sooooo excited for her. But I've been in a bit of shock-o-rama. We're gearing up for the busiest time at Corporate Behemoth, and the game just changed. And, I'm going to miss my friend.

And, I have cramps.

So, there's that. And I'm still mad as hell about my boob doctor 90-second experience on Monday. And I'm comforted yet completely pissed off that many folks have had similar experiences. Instead of "Livin' on a prayer," many of us have had boob doctor encounters with more of a "Highway to hell" soundtrack.

Now, I love AC/DC as much as the next girl. But their music does not symbolize what I'm looking for in medical care. I will admit, though, that Metallica's "Enter sandman" played as I parked my car at Cancer Pavilion! on Monday, and I felt like a football player going into battle.

Obviously, my brain is everywhere this week.

So, happy weekend to me and to you. I'm going to watch football and do laundry and avoid doctors. What's on tap for you?


you gotta wonder said...

Oh, sweet Cha Cha, how I've missed you. I'm sorry I've been away so long. It was a pleasure to sit down and visit, working my way backwards until I finally came to a familiar post (mid-October!).

Before I forget to mention this...I dug way back through my own archives and found this treasure ( - yours is not the only beloved pet who likes to hang out on the back of furniture, literally.

I'm delighted that "guy with 2 dogs" has become "my guy"!

I'm sad for all of the pet woes and vet bills and the bad boob doc experience and the bad airport experience (I'm gearing up for another trip through multiple airports and I WILL be looking at the walls behind wherever I sit).

I'm glad for your team's winning season!

Mostly, I'm glad I found time to sit and visit for a while. You are sheer delight to read (whether you're having good days or bad days, you capture life in a way I can't help but admire).

Madge said...

i've missed reading you too.... trying to get caught up with blogs and realizing how much i've missed everybody

sherilee said...

What I want to know is what's with the exclamation point for Cancer Pavilion!? Is everyone just so excited to be there, the joy just palpable? Curious.

Sorry about the "loss" of your co-worker... do you get to train in a newbie or just do double the work? Either way, yikes!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

(pats bulging tummy) had lunch with 2 friends from high school and spent a small wad o' cash at Barnes & Noble on BOOKS! Deer hunting is taking place, so my sons have play dates over and I plan to work on my book and read tonight when they all go to bed.

mel said...

I do hate that Christmas decorations are up with those travesties they call Halloween costumes these days. And no, I didn't notice turkeys or pilgrims anywhere between these holiday aisles in our Target. How unfortunate.

I do love Christmas music though; however, I keep it to myself until the timing is appropriate. My mom told me just the other day that Christmas shows have been running on the cartoon stations and the kids in her day care are already asking when they can watch this or that special. Weird. Do they even know about Thanksgiving!?

Hope your Thanksgiving dinner and weekend are fantastic.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

So much to say, and I'm going to do it all right here. Instead of spreading out my comment love. Sorry 'bout that.

First of all, I hope you can get your missing editor/busy season situation revised quickly. I have a suggestion on how to remedy the situation, of course, but we can talk about that later.

Second, I do love Rhett and Link, too.

Third, oh my gosh, aren't you glad reading blogs is free?!

And lastly, I loved your Thanksgiving post. Good, thoughtful reminders - and still a porn 'stache reference. Brilliant.