Monday, December 21, 2009

Give a little bit. Or a lot.

My Guy and I saw The Blind Side this weekend. It was a fantastic movie. And, I'm pretty sure it's the reason why I was dreaming about Tim McGraw Friday night.

Why Tim morphed into Erik Estrada, I'm not sure. But after hearing that Mr. Estrada made me enchiladas in my dream, My Guy sent me this most awesome Christmas gift.

Note the detailed Photoshopping. Yes, that's a representation of Lil' Frankfurter being in the bed, along with Erik and a dish of enchiladas.

But back to The Blind Side ... this family took in a high school student. They didn't know him from a can of paint. He didn't give them a lot to work with since he kept to himself. But they took him in and built that relationship and eventually became his legal guardians.

I just keep asking myself: what would I have done?

Granted, the family was portrayed as being very financially secure. (Is that a nice way of saying rich, rich, rich?) But ordinary people of ordinary means do extraordinary things every day. Do you ever really stop to think about which camp you fall into?

I'm sort of bummed this year, because instead of making generous donations, I funded Lil' Frank's digestive health. Let's hear it for ridiculous vet bills!

I guess I just worry that I'm not doing my fair share. And if I saw a kid from my child's school wearing shorts and a t-shirt on a cold night, would I stop? Would I welcome that stranger into my home?

Gentle friends, how do you decide how much is enough?


Molly said...

You do what you can. I am a huge advocate of adoption! bt I'm not old enough to adopt, so I fundraise instead. it's all about doing your part.

I need to go see the blindside. I think adoption is one of the most amazing things.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Honestly, I can't imagine ever feeling like I've done enough. I think we can always give more. BUT, what Molly said is right: We do what we can.

Wenderina said...

I fear I am a checkbook contributor, but have not yet had the gumption (or guts) to get personally involved. Every single charity that crosses my desk at work, every kid's school fund raiser, and every year at christmas I give heavily of $$$ and each time I'm grateful I'm in a position to do so. Volunteering? picking up a kid on the street? not sure it is in me.

Gretchen Hembree said...

First, I have been out of your blog loop for a few weeks.
Second, Your Guy is SO right for you. I know, I've met him, but the nicely photoshopped image is another confirmation. I can tell he really gets you!
Third, While I give in multiple ways throughout the year you are right that it never seems to be enough. I do find comfort that the company I work for is based on helping others. While I am rarely in the field any longer, I am happy to help those that help others on a daily basis. Small comfort, but I'm buying it right now. :)

Unknown said...

My Guy sounds great. There are so many ways to volunteer without getting too emotionally involved, making a huge commitment or breaking the bank. My local grocery store has a food bank box set up all year long, so I donate an item or two each time I stop in. Don't forget, they need dog and cat food too! You can donate blood or get involved with our local literacy program. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, Meals-on-Wheels, etc. There are so many programs that need help. My feeling is that every little thing makes a difference and am happy that I can contribute at all. I would rather pass on a movie or dinner out once in awhile and make small contributions throughout the year. As much as the state of the economy sucks right now, I am grateful that it has forced me to slow down, get back to basics, and appreciate my family and friends more.

hope505 said...

"...I guess I just worry that I'm not doing my fair share. And if I saw a kid from my child's school wearing shorts and a t-shirt on a cold night, would I stop?..."

Just pay attention to your intuition...and not just at christmas, either! Remember to spread the love all year 'round when you feel it, sincerely. Don't hesitate. Don't wait.
* ; )
and: I love GW2D's Erik Estrada montage! *heehee!* you got a good one, cha cha!

Anonymous said...

the picture MADE my day.
I think I'd take in a person, but D would be tougher to convince to get on board with the idea. But it would be easier to do if I knew them somehow, a total stranger would be a harder sell.

jean said...

This is the first year I've been activly making donations to various charities. It's not that the money tree has suddenly started producing, I just realized I can't wait any longer.

Oh and if you see a 14 year old boy in my town wearing shorts, just ignore him. It's my son and he is just being stubborn and refusing to wear pants. I figure he'll get cold eventually.

8 said...

I think My Guy is a great match for you! ROFLMAO!!!
I think you give what you can when you can. I like to think that if the opportunity arose I would be as generous and helpful. That is what makes stories like The Blind Side so awesome, ordinary people doing extrordinary things.

Caron said...

You rarely feel like you've done enough, I'm afraid. I haven't felt it yet. But I have jumped in head first and now have second-mom status for four of the most wonderful, perfect children from Liberia. I adore them and it was scary at first.