Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I attended a little blogger meet-up.

Ever feel like you just did not put your best foot forward, and anybody who came in contact with you was worse for it?

Yeah, that would be tonight.

I did not physically assault any of the fabulous bloggers in attendance. I didn't even verbally accost them. I was just ... off. This was a great opportunity to meet other bloggers! And talk about blogging! And the future of social media! And the importance of community and telling our stories!

And I just sort of sat there.


Yes, please read my blog. It's almost as exciting as my real-life, three-dimensional persona. You know, the one who just sits there? Scintillating.

So, I've been trying to put my finger on why, exactly, I felt out of sorts.

I have cramps and pretty much want to sever my body at the waist.

I arrived at said blogger gathering immediately after crying to my therapist about how scared I am about the possibility of being laid off.

My cute new shoes hurt the top of my left foot.

At lunch, I ran my hand through my Chipotle bowl and so have guacamole caked into my ring, which is undoubtedly attracting bugs, maggots, and drunken Cinco de Mayo revelers.

Allergies are partially to blame for my recent rash of headaches, and drinking even than one beer tonight impacted the delicate balance of pressure in my sinus cavity and possibly cut off the circulation to my brain.


So, at least I have solid reasons for being slightly less engaging than usual. So maybe I was mute. But at least I was wearing cute shoes.


Laura said...

Hey Lady -

I am sure it wasn't as bad as it seems. Cute shoes always deflect attention from stupid cramp days. Hang in there sister!

gertrude said...

Cute shoes are half the battle. As for the rest - I am sorry you are not feeling well and I'm keeping you and your job in my thoughts.

Average Jane said...

Granted I was sitting about as far away from you as the layout of the table allowed, but it didn't seem that bad. I saw you chatting. :)

It was nice seeing you and having a chance to at least say "hi" once we all stood up.

Iron Needles said...

So you met Bossy and others? That had to be at least interesting to observe.

Sometimes life just has to be taken on life's terms. And schedules. And the efforts in maintaining employment sometimes just suck.

Sending good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Oh that so blows. I hate it when I'm looking forward to something and the rest of my life interrupts it by being a total b*tch.
At least you can say you had cute shoes.

jenn said...

Believe me, I have those moments, too. Add to that my massive suckage at the art of small talk, and it's a recipe for disaster. There's a reason why my college roommate made me do a shot before we went out anywhere social. (No, I'm not suggesting you do that!)

On the upside, I'm sure you were your own worst critic, and cute shoes will hide a multitude of social inteptitude. ;)

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oh, Cha Cha. I bet it wasn't as bad as you think.

But even if it was, it happens to the best of us. Well, it happens to me. So...take THAT for what it's worth.

Just don't quit trying. I think that's the trick. Because the off days aren't EVERY day - and those bloggy friends need to experience your fabulous ON days! :)

mel said...

I'm sure it wasn't as bad as it felt to you. I think there's something in us that lets us know when someone else is crampy and pissy. We get it.

So sorry about your ring though. That would really tick me off.

hope505 said...

Dude...I never try to do anything after therapy...unless it's like, pick up somehting nice for dinner or stop to see a very good friend for a very good cocktail. One friend, one cocktail! *haha!* Other than

Caron said...

I have days like this, too. No love of small talk, bad day, overwhelming feelings or fears. Cute shoes were invented for just such moments in life.

You were fine.

Loonstruck said...

I felt like that too and I didn't even have the excuse of an unfortunate guacamole run in. If you were one of the ladies sitting near me (I'm terrible with names!) I enjoyed you!


BOSSY said...

Who doesn't have those days? Yuck! Bossy feels like she sort of had about 42 of them as she crossed the country out of her comfort zone! You did fine, kid -- and maybe next time we'll really kick those heels up, especially if the shoes hurt!