Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We're gonna need a montage.

With all the flurry of home-improvement activity, My Guy and I have determined that our stage-two-houses-and-get-them-on-the-market efforts need two things:

1. A theme song
2. A montage

My Guy immediately nixed "Eye of the tiger" for our theme song, which sort of sucks for me. It's my go-to theme song for gettin' shit done. So, the jury's still out on the theme song business. I think we might just need a staging houses mix tape. After all, how could any one song encompass the drywall, the paint, the confused dogs? I'm thinking we need a variety of 80s rock anthems to get us through this trying time. Maybe:

Livin' on a prayer - Bon Jovi
Anyway you want it - Journey
Roll with the changes - REO Speedwagon
Working for the weekend - Loverboy
Crazy train - Ozzy

Other ideas?

As for the montage of us gettin' shit done ... well, we have a lot of inspiration.

There's the montage song from South Park and Team America ...

Except I don't know crap about puppets. And if it's one more thing that I have to paint, you can freakin' forget it.

And, of course, we could go with a theme like the training montage from Rocky IV. Because training in Siberia for a boxing match is a lot like touching up paint in your kitchen in 96-degree Midwest weather.

Except I don't think we can line up Talia Shire to stand around, looking concerned about our home improvement.

I must admit, though, that last night, after realizing that repainting the trim around my house is not just a big project, but a gargantuan one that will require physical pain and contortions seen previously only in circus performers? Well, I felt a bit like the agony of defeat guy from the classic Wide World of Sports montage.

This is actually a pretty accurate portrayal of my skiing skills. Hmm.

But really? Maybe it's the recent remake, but I gotta go with The Karate Kid montage as my biggest montage influence. Maybe it's because I feel like Daniel, standing around with my mouth open.

Seriously. Does he have some sort of jaw disorder?


Cyndi B. said...

I feel your pain, and we're only painting the outside of the house! I go with Working for the Weekend.

BTW..guess who's in town here tonight??

Anonymous said...

You need a montage--I'm going with "Paradise City" just because it gets really, really fast towards the end.

Cyndi B. said...

oooh! oooh! How about Welcome to the Jungle!!!

Angie said...

Just let me know when you want me to show up with my new hedge trimmer and the weed wacker that my beloved just repaired and helped me acquire a (3-PACK!) replacement string reel for. Amazon with power tools at your beck and call!