Thursday, August 5, 2010

Actual elevator conversation.

Cool coworker: So, how’s it feel on day two?

Me: Huh? How’s what feel?

Coworker: Well, I guess it’s like day five or whatever. Being engaged!

Me: Oh – right!

Coworker: Guess the magic has worn off already, huh? It’s like you’re an old married couple.

Me: Well, I did find out last night that My Guy failed miserably at learning to play the recorder in junior high.

Coworker: WHAT???

Me: Yeah. Last night he finally ‘fessed up that he is horrible at playing the recorder. He’d expected it would come up sooner or later, but then realized he needed to lock me in before I found out.

Coworker: Nooo! Did you guys break up?

Me: Well, let’s just say I’m doing a lot of thinking. A. Lot. Of. Thinking.

Coworker: Well, since he’s not savvy with the woodwinds, does he at least have skills with percussion, or maybe some sort of stringed instrument?

Me: Umm, no.

Coworker: The recorder. Damn. You gotta get that straightened out and address it now. Otherwise, it’s the sort of thing where one night, he’ll just start sobbing at the dinner table.


daisiesforyou said...

LOL!!! I wanna work with you guys. :-)

Magic27 said...

Oh, Cha Cha, please don't be too harsh on him - he's had to live with all his life. And believe me, as someone else who's been there (tell me you won't block me from your blog, pleeeeaassseeee?), I know how hard it is. In fact, I was so poor at all things musical instrumenty, that I was given the ultimate loser's role in primary school - the TRIANGLE. Yeah, you know, ONE NOTE in the musical spectacular? That was me. (Though to be honest, the triangle isn't as easy as it looks - you've got to really concentrate when you've only got one note: you certainly can't afford to screw up, can you?!)
So come on now, show some compassion for those of us who have not been blessed with basic music 101 skills...

8 said...

I think the elevator at Corporate should be avoided at all costs. You have had some interesting experiences in there....... seriously! You couldn't make this up if you tried!

Linda Summerfield Crispell said...

I have missed sooo much! Congratulations!!! I think not being a skilled recorder player is a virtue. I would be a wee bit worried about recorder idiot savant.
Missed you.
Linda in China

mel said...

Frickin' hilarious! Been away for a bit so I think I missed the announcement. Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Chuckling here--you've got to KEEP and NURTURE a dude who stunk at the recorder.