Thursday, August 12, 2010


Thank you all for all of the kind wishes last week! It’s pretty cool to have a community of online friends, and I am so amazed that anybody a) bothers to read; and b) really bothers to leave a comment. My mom actually printed out all of your comments about my engagement. Seriously. You guys rock!

And then I go and repay the favor by not posting for a week. Huzzah!

I’ve been traveling, and feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of wedding planning. But more on that later.

No, a little Comment Round Up is long overdue. We really need some follow-up on these important bits of information.

Remember when I explained The Dog Anus Game? Sure you do – everybody wanted to play! OK, not quite. But Molly had an interesting comment:

one time my sister accidentally stuck her finger up the dogs butt... How many points does that get her?

Let’s not overlook Sherilee’s follow-up to Molly:

I have to ask Molly above how someone accidentally sticks their finger up a dog's butt?
I’m with Sherilee. Uh, Molly? What’s the scoop? The poop scoop, if you will?

Then, there were the many guesses as to what the guy at the bar was referring to when he said My Guy and I should have a daughter and name her Carma, “you know, like the smell.”

Jan thought maybe he meant Carmex. This sounds like a great theory, but I’ve always found Carmex to be positively revolting. (I know, I’m insane and un-American and deserved chapped lips.)

I tend to agree with Sara’s take on carma:

Names like Carma? Are what late, court-ordered child support payments smell like …
This, admittedly, made me snort water through my nose.

Finally, when I admitted that My Guy failed miserably at playing the recorder in junior high? Many of you begged for compassion, stating that recorder failure was probably a virtue, not a character flaw. But none pleaded for my leniency with the same fervor and heart as Magic27:

Oh, Cha Cha, please don't be too harsh on him - he's had to live with all his life. And believe me, as someone else who's been there (tell me you won't block me from your blog, pleeeeaassseeee?), I know how hard it is. In fact, I was so poor at all things musical instrumenty, that I was given the ultimate loser's role in primary school - the TRIANGLE. Yeah, you know, ONE NOTE in the musical spectacular? That was me.
Oh, Magic. It’s OK. You’re safe now. You’re among friends. And really? Really, My Boyfriend Dave Grohl values the triangle so much that every show in the last Foo Fighters tour featured a triangle solo.

Yes. It’s true.

So, thanks for commenting. Keep it coming. Well, except for you Japanese spammers. You guys can suck it.


Molly said...

So I just asked my sister, since I thought she was trying to shove the dog forward and her hand slipped, but apparently that's not the case.

She was in the back of the car with him and he sat on her hand. Bullseye. finger up the butt! Yikes.

Wenderina said...

I'm totally just catching up...what fabulous news. Congratulations on your engagement. The two posts about it made me cry happy tears...and I needed that - so that's good news all around.

And CARMA - that smells good? I'm betting CARAMEL. Guys without teeth seem (a) the type to have eaten too many sugary sticky treats and (b) unable to pronounce all those consonants (or spell them either)

mel said...

I hate the smell of Carmex too. And the fact that folks put their nasty fingers in there THEN smear it all over their lips, which they are surely going to lick at some point.

And oh my gawd!! How big is this dog's arse to just sit squa on the finger?! Growdy to the max. I've seen what comes out of my dog's butt. Ick.