Sunday, December 19, 2010

Somebody's chestnuts roasted.

I'd like to apologize for an important omission in my recent post about the feces and dead mice in our rental house.

My sweet mama was kind enough to fill in the gaps in my memory.

To: Cha Cha
From: Cha Cha's Mama
Subject: Clarification
Dear Cha Cha -

While the whole mice issue did have me teetering on the brink, discovery of the [live] garter snake in the basement prompted me to announce that they'd better make sure the plumbing was functioning cuz we were moving the next day. And we did.

xxoo Mom

Because the mice weren't bad enough? There was a snake?

Wow. Merry Christmas, one and all.


Gretchen Hembree said...

Reminds me of a family vacation when my dad rented a sail boat on the coast. After many adventures my mom, sister and I told him we were headed to the nearest Embassy Suites. He could come if he wanted, but we were NOT spending another minute on that boat! (I can fill in details over a glass of wine sometime.) Now it is just a funny story to remember!

Ali said...

do we have the same mom?