Monday, January 24, 2011

Forever in blue jeans.

Poochie and I received a harried e-mail from our mama today.

Subject line: Today should be a national holiday!

I can't figure out why the banks and schools aren't closed --- isn't it a national holiday?????????? It's Neil Diamond's 70th birthday. Go figure.

xxoo Mom

Well, I am, I said! It is Our Jewish Dad's birthday!

And Neil's lookin' good.

To celebrate, I give you a truly kick-ass song with Neil's kick-ass delivery:

And, for those of you who love a little Neil from back in the day?

Well, just try to tell me that this doesn't get you all shivery. They sang in high school glee club together - isn't that crazy?

So, spill it. What's your favorite Neil song?


sherilee said...

Oh my goodness. I had no idea! I've been singing Sweet Caroline in my head ALL DAY--kid you not--and here I thought it was because I'd neglected to belt it out at karaoke Saturday night... but NO, it's because it's Neil's birthday. Thanks so much for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your Jewish dad!
Sweet Caroline. Always.

8 said...

Love love love me some Neil Diamond!!!! Happy Birthday to him! Looking good at 70 man...... have 2 songs tied at being the favorite: America and Sweet Caroline.

Magic27 said...

OMG! Sherilee and I were obviously separated at birth... I, to have been humming Sweet Caroline all day and DIDN'T EVEN KNOW it's ND's birthday...
My favourite song? Wow, that's a tough one... I do like Sweet Caroline, but go through phases when I really prefer others (including Cracklin' Rosie, or Hello Again, or I am, I said...). Right now, the first thing that comes to mind is Brother Love's travelling salvation show, because I love the lyrics...
And yeah, the great man's still looking good...
(Must admit that Puck off Glee did a pretty good version of Sweet Caroline, even if his voice doesn't quite make me tingle and go all warm and fuzzy like Neil's).

Magic27 said...

GAAAHHHH typos... "I, TOO, have been..."

Magic27 said...

OK, me again - I've been YouTubing Neil for a good part of this evening (guilty pleasures!) and found this great video from 1970:

Unknown said...

It's like asking me to pick a favorite child! (Except not, because the answer would be "None of them.") It's like asking me to pick a favorite pug!

But if forced to choose: "Brother Love." Absolutely. No doubt about it. It fills me with joy every time I hear it.

Runners-up, should "Brother Love" be unable to fulfill its duties:

- America (My friend Amanda and I actually cried when he sang this in concert. Yes! We love America! We work for America! And they're coming to America!*)
- Forever in Blue Jeans
- I Am, I Said (Screw you, Dave Barry)
- Leave a Little Room for God (Such fun, bouncy, inspirational cheese)

*If we give them visas

Mrs. G. said...

I can't pick a favorite, but The Jazz Singer is one of my favorite childhood movies and I think I know the words to every song.

you gotta wonder said...

I missed it entirely. Put me down for "Song Sung Blue".