Thursday, January 26, 2012


It was yet another lovely day of men of a handy nature traipsing in and out of our house. I worked from home, and got to listen to the dogs complain about the carpenter and the plumber and the general contractor, all of whom had the nerve to come into our home and work on beautifying our master bath. The nerve!

I hadn't met the carpenter before, but basically ran outside when he was unloading to ask if he'd move his truck when he was done. No problem. He was nice as can be. We got to talking ... about his work, and dogs, and living in the city. I felt a kindred spirit. Then I found out why.

Super Nice Carpenter Guy? Is from my grandma's hometown - a tiny, tiny hamlet in western Kansas. He knew my great aunt and uncle.

I couldn't get over it. He couldn't get over it. I wanted to make him a cake!

Now, not to be too sappy about it, but ... we both agreed that the folks in the city are generally very nice. But there's something about being from a small town. It's just different. I asked him if he found himself being drawn to people who are from small towns, and his response made me laugh. "No, well ... umm ... well ... shoot! I never really thought about it, but, well, yeah!"

The whole thing just made my day. And I just know that somewhere, my grandparents were looking down, laughing. Delighted.

Speaking of small towns, I generally don't give a rat's ass about the NFL. However ... a boy from my hometown is a rookie playing for the Giants. A local boy is playing in the Super Bowl! Facebook is on fire with pictures of signs and helmets and jerseys all over town. People are out-of-their-minds excited and proud. It's a big, big deal. He's a nice kid (hi, I sound soooo old - he outweighs me by, like, a gajillion pounds of pure muscle). Everybody knows his family. And it's just nice to see a local boy do good.

Small towns? Yeah. They're just different.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You betcha they are.
What a small world--to find the carpenter is a former neighbor (of sorts).
I'm cheering for the Giants, too. Just so you know.

Magic27 said...

Maybe small towns in Britain are different, but growing up in a wide variety of them (my dad moved us around a lot, but always to small towns) has vaccinated me against them FOR LIFE. I now live in the 8th biggest city in France (which, admittedly, isn't that big) and know I would be perfectly happy somewhere bigger. My dad lives in a small town in Scotland and I can feel the life force being sucked out of me every time I go there...
Each to his own, I guess!
As I know nothing about US sports (I'm guessing NFL is football?), I'll be rooting for your hometown boy at whatever big game the Giants are playing in!