Monday, January 2, 2012

Yeah, we're nice. Now eff off.

Tomorrow is the day that my peoples have been praying for: The Iowa Caucuses.

Not that denizens of the Hawkeye state are chopping at the bit to stand in a corner on behalf of their least-hated Republican presidential candidate. I mean, some are. But mostly? Mostly, they want the phone calls to stop.

Over Christmas, my parents' phone was ringing off the hook. Not with family and loved ones ... because last time I checked, we're not related to anybody named Newt or Mitt. No - it's pollsters and people calling on behalf of candidates and ohmigod, don't even get me started about Michele Bachmann making appearances around the state during the Iowa / Minnesota game this fall. You wanna out yourself as a nitwit? That's a good way to do it.

Somebody posted this on Ye Olde Facebook, and it made me cackle. Language is NSFW, but you're reading this blog, so, well, you know what you're in for.


Patti said...

LOVE IT, and shared for my now Iowa dwelling daughter and boyfriend. Thanks, and I am so glad you are back and posting frequently!

Magic27 said...

All (or, rather, the little) I know about Iowa is what I've learned from reading Bill Bryson books... so this was enlightening!
I must admit, I've always (since I first heard it, about 5 years ago) thought the term "flyover states" must be really, really offensive to those who live there... so demeaning, like there's only the east and west coasts that matter...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

And it's true, my in-laws' phones rang nonstop last weekend. Insane.