Friday, December 30, 2011

Stuff I liked in 2011.

You know I love a good year-end list. So, here are a few of my favorites from 2011. Keep in mind that this isn't necessarily stuff that's new ... it was just new-to-me this year.

Best show you're probably not watching
Up All Night. You know, that one with Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph, and Will Arnett? It's funny. Like, they made a tribute video to a dead coworker and all they had was his W-4 ... so the tribute video was just zooming in on his W-4.

Favorite movie that transported me back to childhood
The Muppets. I found myself smiling like a freak for the duration of this movie - I totally felt like a 7-year-old again. Plus, I about jumped out of my skin when My Boyfriend Dave Grohl made a surprise cameo.

Favorite new album
Wasting Light by Foo Fighters. I know, I know - I'm a sucka for anything by My Boyfriend Dave Grohl. But seriously? This album is uh-MAZ-ing. And it's one of those albums where your favorite song changes because they are all so good. This here is good ol' fashioned, rock-your-face-off rock and roll, bitches.

New surprise artist that I dig
So, I'm only about 5 years behind here, but I discovered Lady Gaga this year. Typically, I view pop musicians with great disdain, because they are rarely serious musicians. But Gaga? Girl can sing! And how she sings is interesting, and catchy. Nevermind the fact that when My Guy and I first saw her on SNL this year, we were both like, "WTF was that?" But then we bought the album and fell in love. And this summer, he was all, "You know I only bought more Gaga for you. In no way was that for me, because I am a straight man and of course prefer much more manly music."

Best book I'm the last person on Earth to read
The Help. Hell yeah. Loved it. Still haven't seen the movie, but loved, loved, loved the audio book. It had several different actresses reading the different narrators. Very effective.

Best book I actually read for Wine Club. I mean Book Club.
The Happiness Project. Not really a self-help book, but a fun read that also prompts self reflection.

Best serious-like novel that will make your shrink sing and dance with analytic joyThe Condition. I typically shy away from serious novels, but the characters in this one were just amazing - so fully fleshed-out and authentic. Highly recommended.

Best book I didn't want to read and then actually made me cold while sitting by the pool
Into Thin Air. My Guy read it while we were on vacation in Florida, then insisted that I take a look. I have zero interest in mountaineering, but this was fascinating. Also? I'm still terrified by the thought of seeing people freezing to death and leaving them there just so you can reach the summit. I would not call this a feel-good tale. Cautionary? Yes. Feel-good? Fuck no.

My Guy's favorite book, because he reads a ton
Into Thin Air. My husband had this to say about this bestseller: "It's a freakin' great book, man. It was real good. I like the words. Can I go back to watching the game now?"

Someone does not take being interviewed for this blog very seriously. That, and I think he's out of practice when it comes to book reports.

So, what did you enjoy this year? What should I check out as I devour more media in 2012?


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I love Up All Night, too. And the episode you mentioned? I literally laughed out loud. While watching it. Alone.

As far as new shows, I also really like Once Upon a Time. Are you watching that? It's not Disney princess like it sounds. :)

sherilee said...

I love Up All Night, it's the best thing I've seen Will Arnet in, ever. And love Mya very much too. Christina I just expect to enjoy...

I am glad you listened to The Help--that's the way I "read" it as well... thoroughly enjoyable with those voices, I agree.

I also like the sitcom Whitney. It's new this year, and I think she's pretty funny.

Trixie Bang Bang said...

My picks for you (and everyone!) to try:

Series: Breaking Bad - it's on DVD by now
Books: The Hunger Games. Yeah, YA lit, but still good. Plus, a movie to look forward to about it in March.
Movie: The Help. See it ASAP. Then you'll know why these ladies are all winning Oscars.

I've been told I need to watchTeen Mom. I will heed that recommendation - against my better judgement - and give it a try.

JoAnna said...

I so loved The Help that it is tied with Where the Red Fern Grows as my all time favorite book. That woman can WRITE! She needs to write more books! I also broke my rule about watching the movie after reading the book. I will not do that. BUt I was so curious how they'd do it all for the movie, I had to watch. I watched the movie about 1.5 years after I read the book, so a lot of the details from the book were hazy in my mind and if they left them out in the movie, I didn't notice. I do recommend the movie. But wait a while before you watch it, if you just read it.

Beth said...

Knowing your love for Dave, I thought you might enjoy this.

Happy New Year!!!!

Magic27 said...

Great to have so many new posts from you!
I haven't seen "The Help" either, but did enjoy the book (though I didn't think I would).
My favourite TV show (given that I don't actually watch that many...) was Mad Men. Of course, I don't think it's on here in France (and watching it in French is out of the question) so I bought each season on DVD, devoured it and then bought the next one. Totally addicted now, and desolate that season 5 is so faaaar away.
Happy 2012 Cha Cha, to you and all those you love!

Anonymous said...

I discovered Star Trek, The Next Generation on netflix and watched all the episodes. I realize now, that I am a geek.

Cyndi B. said...

Once Upon a Time rocks! My new fav until Mad Men FNALLY returns. The only episode I've seen of Up All Night was the once where they leave the baby with Maya Rudolph and then spy on her kissing the guy from My Name is Earl. Hysterical!

I need to read more books this year, but right now I'm reading old stuff. Cranbrook, Laura (the one the Gene Tierney movie was based on), and a book about Beatrix Potter. Into Thin Air was very good. I think the same author wrote a book about polygamists, which was pretty good. And Into the Wild, which bothered me a lot, but was well written. Did you ever read She Got Up off the Couch?