Friday, March 23, 2012

Admire me and my fantastic accomplishment.

It's been rainy the last few days. So, you know, this means I carried my umbrella to lunch the other day.

This is already the most scintillating blog post ever.

Anyway, back in the elevator at Corporate Behemoth, my coworker S and I were both complimented for our colorful umbrellas.

"Oh - I just got it Marshalls," S said about her bumpershoot.

"Oh - I just got mine from high school graduation," I said.

Heads turned.

"And how long ago was that?"

"Nineteen years ago."

"You've had the same umbrella for 19 years?"

"Yes. It's one of the greatest accomplishments of my life."

Everyone was impressed. I lived a dream and was plied with kudos for my superior umbrella-keeping skillz.

Or, at least I'm pretending that the looks of pity and judgments on my freakishness were actually jealousy and wonder.


Angie said...

My jaw literally dropped. I think you should have a special 20 year anniversary party with your treasure! You could play President Obama's rendition of "Let's Stay Together"

8 said...

I think a picture with your umbrella is in order so we may all marvel at your accomplishment!

8 said...

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I'd never heard of it either, but it sure made me happy to receive it!!
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