Monday, November 19, 2012

An open letter to the guy with the fake "hair."

Hi, friend.

I was standing behind you in line for a concert Saturday night. The line was long, and so I hope you'll forgive me for the time I spent staring at the back of your head.

I am a woman, and I have what can best be described as a shit-ton of hair. This, admittedly, means that I don't really know what it's like to be a man with thinning hair. I can imagine, though, that it's frustrating. So frustrating that you'd be willing to try just about anything.

I am here to tell you - as a friend - that the colored spray you spritzed on your bald spot is not fooling anyone. As a friend, I must tell you that said spray makes it look not like you have hair, but like the crown of your head just got out of an Ash Wednesday service. And the black ashy stuff that was supposed to adhere to your scalp? Isn't.

Yes. You are molting black fake-hair dandruff.

I'm guessing you aren't a chimney sweep. There is no reason for your head to be caked in flaky black dust. And as a lady, I can confidently say that hair from a can is not going to get you laid. Personally, I'd be afraid that you'd get black crap all over my upholstery. And that's not a euphemism.

Embrace the bald spot. Own your noggin. Get that shit off your scalp.

Your pal,
Cha Cha


smalltownme said...

We know someone who wears an ash blond toupee over his grey mullet.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

flaky black dust.....holy SH!T! I am the only man in my family to ever get past 26 with my hair intact. It remains a pleasant surprise :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Yes, that was good advice, and yes, I am also imagining the product wiping off on upholstery. *shudder*

cookingwithgas said...

does he not know that bald is beautiful and shoe polish- not so much...

Kelley said...

I just got a mental image of him getting all sweaty and worked up at the concert, with rivulets of gray-ish, black sweat running down the back of his head.

Guys, embrace the bald. It seems to be working well for Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis. Rinse off your head and go for it!