Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving just got real, yo.

This month, tons of my Facebook friends have been posting things they're thankful for. It's a nice sentiment, but I've kind of rolled my eyes at most of the posts. Oh, you're thankful for your family? And your home? No way!

I just felt like an ungrateful wretch until one of my high school pals posted the ultimate response:

Let's talk about true gratitude. I'm thankful for Velcro. And new car scented air freshener. And cream soda.

Hell yeah. Super hell yeah.

So, I've been thinking: what am I really thankful for?

I'm thankful for my round hair brush. And salsa. But mostly?

I am super psyched and crazy-thankful for the power locks in my car. Seriously.

My locks were broken for about 2 years. Two long, arduous years of manually locking 4 doors every time I got out of my car. And don't even get me started on the tumor lodged in My Guy's brain - you know, that tumor that prevented him from ever remembering to lock the car doors?

Yeah. It was a real strain on our relationship.

But this fall, I bit the bullet and took my trusty Honda to the dealership. Twice. In what felt like a frivolous expenditure, I spent a few hundred bucks getting my locks fixed. But I am here to tell you that the price per car ride is so, so low - and so, so worth it.

When we picked up the car, My Guy thanked the service guy for saving our marriage. The service guy didn't even smile, but My Guy speaketh the truth. I'm no longer all up in his business when he walks away from the Honda like it can just lock itself - because it CAN lock itself. Like magic!

Now, every time I get out of my car, I can lock all 4 doors with just the touch of a button - and it thrills me. I seriously get a jolt of sweet, sweet satisfaction every time I prevent thugs from slipping into my unlocked car and stealing my Tic Tacs and 15-year-old CDs.

I am thankful for power locks. Amen! Hallelujah! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Reader, what are you truly thankful for?


Violet said...

Staying with the car theme, I am thankful for electric garage door openers. Without them I would probably park my car on the street because it's somehow a bigger PITA to put the car in park, get out, lift the door, get back in, then drive into the garage than it is to scrape ice and/or snow off my windshield.

Patience_Crabstick said...

It's the little things, right?
I'm with you, though, about being jaded about all the thankfulness posts. Yes, we're all grateful for our family and friends.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I am thankful for ROOFS keeping the rain out, flush toilets and my cat Spike. And chocolate soy ice cream with peanut butter, and...peanut butter :)

Anonymous said...

Still fixated on electricity these days. It's just so amazing to switch stuff ON and OFF like that. And flying. That's pretty dang cool.
Little things, pay attention to them, right?

8 said...

I am thankful that after tomorrow I will no longer have to see another "thankful" post until next year. Other than that, I would say toilet paper tops the list.

Kelley said...

I tried doing the 'thankful' thing, but I lost intrest pretty quickly. Shouldn't you be thankful for your friends and family all year and not just during November?

I'm thankful for Rosedale BBQ. We ate there last night and it was dang tasty. I had 3 teeth pulled today, so I'm thankful that the last decent meal I'll be able to eat for a few days included onion rings and a bottle of RC Cola. Rock on!

ilyanna said...

I am grateful for my earphones, with which I can completely shut out the chaos of my home, and the endless droning of my husband, who Never Shuts Up. Augh!

Angie said...

Beautiful mugs with extra big handles that fit your WHOLE hand, comfy pants, programmable coffee pots, yoga, podcasts (for drives through Iowa) and sisters (biological and otherwise). Oh who am I kidding...and wine.