Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Put your damn clothes back on.

I am Working. And I am Crabby. And I am Not Writing.

So many things are on my mind right now, and some if it is even good blog fodder - like my manic shopping spree at Nordstrom that netted not one, not two, but three big-girl bras for the low, low price of $248.


But I'm allowing myself to get mired down in the crap at Corporate Behemoth. My rack looks fantastic, but you wouldn't know it, as I am hunkered down over my keyboard.


Also, I've experienced Blogger Pause. What is Blogger Pause? Blogger Pause is a sudden realization that you are nekkid.

My case of Blogger Pause happened while I was innocently eating leftover chicken curry casserole in the cafeteria at Corporate Behemoth. A coworker approached my table and said, "Are you Cha Cha?"

My jaw dropped. "Uh, yeah?"

And she nodded and walked away. My first real-life, no-I-didn't-give-it-to-you blogger identification.

Now, I'm certainly not worried about this friend knowing my secret identity. But it does bring to mind some weighty questions. Would I be comfortable with the entire universe knowing exactly who I am and associating my ramblings here with my real-life person?

For the most part, yes. If Corporate Behemoth is privy to my writing, I should probably curb my use of Fuck. And maybe I should stop talking about my boobs all the time.

But why is it easy to bare my soul to complete strangers, while I've only given a select few of my real-life inner circle the heads-up about my blog?

Probably for the same reason why it's easier to leave an anonymous complaint than to open yourself up to feedback and interaction.

So, am I entering into a new phase of blogging? Or am I going to be swallowed up by the nekkidness and retreat into my lair, never to be heard from again?

How do my fellow bloggers feel about this? How do you handle writing sans protective clothing?


Mrs. G. said...

First off, bras are one of the most expensive things I buy. Do not economize when it comes to the boobs.

I am waiting for the day that this happens. And it's going to happen. The way I feel is unless I publicly disparage or violate someone's privacy in a cruel way, I'm safe. I can't get in trouble for my personal opinions. My family knows, so there will be no surprises in that department.

Sara said...

Ha! I was going to ask if you'd mind going bra shopping with me this weekend. I think I would have a heart attack if I spent $248, though. Hell, I'm still trying to work up the nerve to buy the Bumble & Bumble conditioner again.

It's weird when people from the past e-mail me and say, "I was Googling such-and-such and it led me to your blog! I was so excited when I saw your picture and realized I knew you!" But for the most part, people are really sweet about it and say they love reading it. At first it freaked me out, but now enough of my real life friends read it that I don't care.

My only rule was (and is, I guess) that I don't say anything that could be construed as really, truly bitching about my job. And I did go through and edit some stuff in relation to the-maybe-future-job.

Embrace it! You're still pretty damned anonymous.

Sister Big said...

It IS disconcerting. I anonymous blogs are sort of like door locks - psychological. The truth is that if you write much, someone will eventually figure out who you are. If they want to hurt you, they will, but most people do not want to hurt you, just as most people do not want to bust into your house and kill you while you are sleeping.

Thank God.