Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Buy diabetic socks.

Really, Google Ads? Really?

In other news, I have discovered my life's ambition.

On the way to Corporate Behemoth this morning, I got behind a semi. Normally, this would be bad, right? Except today, it was brilliant!

I was behind a Keebler semi. You know, Keebler? Maker of Deluxe Grahams, the most awesomest awesome store cookie ever? Keebler, of the elves?

Right. There were Keebler logos on the trailer. But the best part?

The mudflaps. Every single mudflap featured a full-color Keebler elf.

I now know that I will not rest until I, too, drive a vehicle with Keebler elf mudflaps.

I mean, seriously. Can you think of anything better?


Melissa said...

How cute is that? Keebler trucks--those awesomely huge pictures of cookies always make me buy them.

wahine said...

This is so wierd. I have been trying to get a pair of those mud flaps for my Jeep for the past 2 years. I have looked everywhere. I guess the only option left is a letter to the corporation or a covert operation to retrieve a pair from a semi on my own

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