Sunday, November 18, 2007

I hope he sells his house.

I left the house again today. Cha Cha: 2. Cold of Death: 1. I think going to work tomorrow will put the final nail in Cold of Death's coffin. Bwa ha!

A few recent cold evenings have made all of the leaves in my very wooded neighborhood drop with a giant thud. One afternoon, the sidewalks are totally clear. The next morning, you can't even tell there's a sidewalk, or even a driveway. Leaves, leaves, everywhere.

I love it. And today was a brisk fall day perfect for raking. I saw families raking, little kids eager to help mom. Teenagers going after leaves, trying to pretend that it isn't fun. And lots of men doing battle against errant leaves - some with rakes, and others not putting up with any shit, leaf blowers in hand.

My favorite was a man in a suit, leaf blower in hand. I was stopped at a light and I thought, "That man has lost his mind!" Then I realized that the house had an open house sign in the yard. He was the realtor. The realtor in a down market, desperate to have a good showing.

It made me think of Annette Benning's character in American Beauty, stripping to her slip and cleaning like a woman possessed before showing a dated and unappealing - though clean - property.

But the man in the suit with the leaf blower? Well, at least he had a demonic look in his eye that admitted that yes, leaf blowing is darn good fun.


Mrs. G. said...

Well I was hoping I would come over here and find you feeling better. Maybe you need to stay home tomorrow and watch movies.

Hope you're feeling better soon, Cha Cha.

Becky Brown said...

Thanks for your kind words, Mrs. G.! I totally should have stayed home and watched movies today, trust me.