Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why I've gained weight.

Mr. Wonderful has a bit of a problem. And I'm totally co-dependent.

Ice cream. Lots of ice cream. Every night.

There are never fewer than six varieties in his freezer. And while some suitors would bring over a bottle of wine when coming to call, Mr. Wonderful regularly shows up on my doorstep with two containers of Breyer's.

Hell yeah. That's my man.

Now, he is sort of a freak about it all. He pours milk into his ice cream and then stirs it all up until it's the consistency of soft serve. However, he hates soft serve.

Umm ... ok?

And his favorite ice cream receptacle is a Gladware plastic container.

He's making us ice cream as I write. Sadly, there were brownies left over from this weekend's tailgating. Brownies that, when heated, work nicely with mint chocolate chip ice cream to create a gooey nirvana.

You understand why this post is short, right?

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Mrs. G. said...

Mr. Wonderful has just been promoted to Mr. Wonderful Squared.