Sunday, November 25, 2007

This still counts as a Saturday post.

It's 12:28. I've just spent nine hours outside.

It's 29 degrees out.

My alma mater just beat its biggest rival.

We may be ranked number one.

I sort of want to cry. Because I'm a girl. And a frickin' love college football.


Sara said...

But the important question is, are you and Mr. Wonderful still speaking to each other? :-)

Becky Brown said...

Yes. He's speaking to me in his sleep, waking me to tell me how sick he is.

Ok, actually, we are still speaking to each other, despite the fact that he is heartbroken that my alma mater has the superior football team. And the thing is that I like him so much that I can't even gloat. And that's just *killing* me.