Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Because I’m just so interesting.

Sweet Andi over at A Thousand Miles From the Place I Was Born tagged me for a meme. If you aren’t familiar with Andi, head on over and check out her blog. She’s a great writer and a kind soul. Plus, she’s a pediatric oncology nurse, and I am in awe of her.

Andi’s one flaw seems to be finding me interesting. And now you must all suffer!

So here are seven mildly weird and/or entertaining things about me that you probably don’t know. Unless you’re my mom. Hi mom.

  1. I was sick a lot as a kid. I got tonsillitis and/or bronchitis, like, every other day. In retrospect, this suited me just fine, as I was bored in school a lot.

  2. I hate mustard and pickles. I’m not a picky eater, but mustard and pickles? I cannot abide.

  3. I have freakishly long and thin fingers. My ring finger is a size four.

  4. I received an award at Corporate Behemoth yesterday. I was recognized “for outstanding vision, dedication & commitment to excellence.” Kindly genuflect in my presence and don’t dare make eye contact. I’m a pretty big deal.

  5. I was voted “Most involved” in my high school class. It took me several years to realize that this actually means “chill out and give it a rest already.” Sadly, I won the same accolade in my college sorority. Hi, my name is Cha Cha, and I am a recovering overachiever.

  6. I enjoy painting. Not like Van Gogh painting – like Benjamin Moore painting. I enjoy the tangible aspect of the work and how painting a room makes it totally new. I also tell myself that it’s exercise.

  7. I know pretty much all the lyrics to every song I’ve ever heard. And if I don’t quite know them, I’ll make them up and fake it. Usually with lyrics about pancakes and/or Foxie Doxie.
This post just totally made the world a better place, didn’t it?

I want to tag some great blogs that I’ve just discovered. These fine ladies make me laugh, and this is a fun way to learn more about them!


dallasdiva said...

I love that you like to paint. I do to. I love to see how a room changes after being painted. (I also dig the smell). I, too, tell myself it is good exercise!

Oh, and congrats on your award . . you overachiever.

dallasdiva said...

sorry. I do too! (I swear I know how to spell)

Tumble Fish Studio said...

You are so cool. I will get on my task later tonight! Congratulations on your recognition at work! That's a big deal! I knew you were an over-achiever. And, since you like painting, I have a whole house . . . I'll give you a trophy if you do it! LOL . . . and what sorority? I was a Pi Phi, president no less! Except for the mustard/pickle (my favs) and the painting thing, we're a lot a like. Don't take this the wrong way, but I love you, Cha Cha.

Mrs. G. said...

Happy Thanksgiving Cha Cha!

AnastasiaSpeaks said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'll get on it tomorrow.

I love your list and I'm jealous of your long fingers, I have short fingers (my hands look like the hands of a 14 year old girl). And congrats on your award!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Awwww... thanks for the kind words! You are awesome ;-)

And oh, since you LOVE to paint and I HATE to paint, and since I have a bedroom that is in desperate need of being painted, when can I expect you???

Claire B. said...

Ok, I'm in. Must. Get. Writing. Again.

And I, too, know all the lyrics to all the songs. Husband is constantly amazed at the obscure songs I know.

I just painted two rooms and I'm in VOC heaven. I love to paint!

We are so alike. Except you're funny.