Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My dog is a turkey.

The Geriatric Poodle has stopped eating.

The holistic vet had him on canned pumpkin, ground hamburger, and a little dry fancypants dog food that cost a mere $24 for a seven-pound bag.

He has started turning his nose up at all of it.

I pulled out the big guns: tater tots.

Lil Fluff was into the tater tots for about a day and a half. And then? Forget it.

So then I got into green beans. He was excited about that ... for about 12 hours. The boy just doesn't want to eat.

So today, in the day-before-Thanksgiving rush, I battled the hoards of shoppers at the grocery store. I even had to wait for a parking spot. All this to buy ... a can of gravy.

Yes, I let an entire grocery store full of people think that I am the type of person who serves canned gravy on Thanksgiving.

But it was worth it. Geriatric Poodle ate all the vittles covered in gravy.

He's a smart dog. Maybe he's just messing with me and seeing what he needs to do before I make him a steak every night.

Or maybe he's stopped eating because he's getting ready to make his transition. And I have to respect that.

Although I just want to scream, "Just fucking eat, already!"

Which is actually a great theme for Thanksgiving. So, in that spirit - enjoy your families and enjoy your homemade or canned gravy. I'm thankful for you all.


LaDue & Crew said...

I hope you bought 2, even 3 cans of gravy, so you don't have to endure such humiliation again. Nothing says love to a doggie like canned embarrassment... Go get my punch recipe, and drink your humiliation away.

Unknown said...

Happy Turkey Day, grrrlie. Kudos to Geriatric Poodle. Way to make the holiday all about him. He's a crafty little minx, isn't he?? Enjoy the day and the gravy:>)

you gotta wonder said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You are a blessing to the GP and to us.

Linda Summerfield said...
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Linda Summerfield said...

My comment was littered with typos!
I have so much in common with your dog! I will eat just about anything covered in gravy.

Saucy said...

Have a good one, Cha Cha.