Thursday, March 12, 2009

The doctor is in.

I'm starting to think of the bathroom as Lil' Frankfurter's office.

If I'm in the bathroom, so is Frankfurter.
When I get out of the shower, I open the curtain to a minimum of three dog toys and a miniature doxie who is patiently awaiting my arrival.

When I wash my face at night, Frankfurter watches attentively. He is also interested in, uh, my other bathroom habits.
When Frankfurter grows up, he wants to be a beautician or a gynecologist. Or maybe both.

He's very diligent about chewing up his toys.
And he's very diligent about shedding as much as possible.
Because spending time in the office? Is all about work. And dedication.


LaDue & Crew said...

I love how he has his ear flipped back in the top pic... kind of like Fabio with the long hair. Yep, I say gynecologist...

On another note, I'm loving the diagonal set tile and what also appears to be a pedestal sink. Nice!

you gotta wonder said...

I can't comment today because the word verification is "endings". But since I'm commenting, I think that makes me a liar so I should revise my statement that as a person with a white cat and now a white furry sheet/comforter set and white furry carpet and white furry clothes, I'm amused at the black-on-white counterpoint offered today. So now this comment is coming to its "endings." ;)

hope505 said...

What a cutie! I am buying a particular breed of water-liking CAT in the near future, so I'm sure he'll have a similar "office" soon enough. *haha!* O the joys.
* ; )

cndymkr / jean said...

What a cutie.

Anonymous said...

I have this very same problem with Baxter. Every time I'm in "the office", he comes in, sniffing around and generally grossing me out. What is it with dogs?!?!