Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fun with photography.

Tonight, I was one of those dorky people who tries to take photos outside in the dark.

I couldn't help it. On the newell post off of my stoop were two slugs. They had climbed to the top of this great height like Sir Edmund Hilaslug and Some Other Famous Mountain Climber Guyslug.
I know that a lot of folks think slugs are gross. And yeah, they eat stuff you might not want them to eat. But really? They are fascinating.
Ok, this pic looks sort of gross.
But how the frig did they climb up the post? And why?

And while I had my camera out, I thought I'd capture some of the magic that is ... The Electrolux.
Oh, yeah, baby.
Work it. Own it.
And yes, this will undoubtedly end up being my Christmas card. Feliz Navidad.


Gretchen Hembree said...

I think "Automatic Control" says it all!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

A. Slugs are disgusting.
B. I grew up using one of those canister vacuums. I did not love it. But you’re right – that sucker worked.

Anonymous said...

That? Is a grand Christmas card photo.
I like slugs and snails. They're underappreciated as a species. That's good photographing.

Anonymous said...

LOL at Sir Edmund Hilaslug.

And oh, how I'd love to get that Christmas Card. It would seriously occupy a place of honor on my yearly "Christmas Card Wall".

mel said...

Perfect Christmas card! hah!

It's raining here and a big storm is coming. That always brings out the mammoth slugs. We see a few every night, but after a rain they come out in hoards. And those suckers will spend ALL FRIGGIN NIGHT climbing up the side of our house. Sheesh.

Although, we once watched a pair make a hellava effort to keep moving up the side, but one just couldn't hack it, he turned back. Wimp.

Madge said...

so loving the electrolux