Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shout it out loud.

I'm not necessarily a member of the KISS army, but this story is so awesome.

Picture it: it's 1975. It's your high school's homecoming. And KISS is your school's special guest. At the parade. And at the football field. And in concert in your school gym.

And then? Your 16-year-old brain explodes.

The city leaders donning make-up to host KISS at a breakfast kind of makes my brain explode even now. But good for them for going all-out. And good for KISS for doing something so cool.

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Anonymous said...

That is just a COOL story.

8 said...

Super awesome! Nice to see such big stars take time out of their lives for soemthing like this!

mel said...

It is nice to know they could do something like that. I've heard a couple interviews with Gene Simmons and he's just a royal ass.