Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hop to it.

Krampus the Christmas Frog? He's really growing as an individual. My mom sent me new pics over the last few days ... and Krampus is totally trying new hobbies.

Ham radio?
Listen for Kilo-Radio-Alpha-Mary-Papa-Uniform-Sierra.

Just be careful you don't get your scarf - or flipper - caught in the machine.

And model railroading?
Well, our little Krampus is obviously a man about town ... and the rail yard.

Is it sad that Krampus' life is way more interesting than mine?


Caron said...

Krampus is clearly privileged!

mel said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he's having a better time than most of us right now. I'm totally jealous.

8 said...

I want to live like Krampus. Does mom have room for me too????

Anonymous said...

Model railroading is soooo sexay.


Tell Mom thanks for the photos. I love looking at them. Ahem....hint hint. Lets see more of those cute doggies too.

gertrude said...

Excellent - who is the ham radio fan? My dad is totally into that. Funny.