Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ask me stuff. I'll make something up.

Although I'm not always super-awesome or even marginally awesome at responding to comments here, I love them. Looooove them. And I read each and every one. Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your two cents.

The kids thank you as well. They show their appreciation via this gratuitous doxie shot.
So, we decided to play another exciting round of Comment Round-Up today. Gather 'round!

First up? Not a question, but a comment from Cyndi B.:

Cha Cha...I always know that when I'm feeling crappy, you'll post something that gives me a giggle. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Aww ... thanks! One woman's exhausted ramblings are another woman's entertainment.

Screaming for Chocolate asked:

...can you change your comment thing to allow other than google accounts? Please? ;)

You got it.

On my book report about Street Gang, Gertrude commented:

Do you have Sesame Street: Unpaved? It's a really interesting behind-the-scenes look at the show - and makes a nice coffee table book too!
Dude. I totally have that book and love it! One year, my friend Sherrie and I gave each other that book for Christmas - and it wasn't planned. We just both have excellent taste. While Street Gang is more about the stories behind the show, Unpaved is about the actual show, full of pictures and songs you forgot you knew. Love them both.

Lovely Iowa girl A piece of news lamented:

I miss the photo of you holding the dog. Will that ever be reinstated or must the mourning begin? Did I miss the announcement? Is it just my browser?

Oh, it's not your browser. I just figured that after a year, people were probably sick of looking at my ass. But I guess not. So, ask and you shall receive!

Hope505 asked another pressing question:

Hey btw question of the week: do you pronounce your blog nude-la-roo or noodlerooo? or something else..!? I have always wondered. ...

Oh, pronunciation is always tricky. Sometimes I get nervous that I am mispronouncing basic words. Or that I'm using a family-only pronunciation. Like, for the longest time, Poochie pronounced "ambulance" as "ann-ee-blintz." To this day, I have to concentrate any time I have to use that word.

What were we talking about again?

Oh, right. Noodleroux. It's "noodle-roooooo." What started out as a nickname for Foxie Doxie has morphed into this powerhouse media conglomerate. Who woulda thunk?

My invisible friend asked:

Why did you post that crazy post about your boobs and fried chicken? Have you ever heard of "oversharing?"

Yes, I've heard of "oversharing." See also: my crazy Facebook friend / high school classmate Sandra (who, coincidentally, recently posted that she's getting divorced for the fourth time. I've never even been married - how will I ever catch up?).

I posted the crazy post about my boobs and fried chicken to raise a little dinero for Susan G. Komen for the Cure - just leave a comment at the post and BlogHer will donate a $1! But mostly, I posted it because maybe it will help somebody. Maybe it will help me make sense of the whole deal. And maybe I just like talking about my rack, OK?

Next question?


say i am you said...

Hello?! Did the invisible idiot even read the post?!?! Gawd, sometimes I just want to smack people.

Glad to know I'm pronouncing your blog correctly when I'm sharing your wit with the hubby.

Cyndi B. said...

You just keep oversharing and showing us your ass! My favorite blog!

And thanks for letting me know I was pronouncing the blog name correctly..woo hoo!

Iron Needles said...

I say it's my blog and I will write what I want, and if it is not someone's cuppa joe, then they don't have to drink...

That's what I say.

A piece of news said...

I liked your "oversharing" post and commented for my dollar's worth. Thanks for reinstating the photo! I awoke early this morning and one thing that went through my nugget at 0400 was the image of your little doggies and big Labs running amok.

hope505 said...

awesome!! hey thanks, man!! and now you can save "Nude LaRoux" for your stripper name (everybody needs one, right?) because we all know you have a nice set of bazookas. *heehee!* & hows about a big ol' bucket of white meat to go with that!?
Thanks cha cha!! Have a great day!!