Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things that are awesome.

I have a birthday coming up next month. I turn 35.

Admittedly, I've felt a little weird about 35. You can't pretend that an age that ends with a five is still in the early realm of a decade. Thirty-five means I'm solidly in my mid-thirties. Solidly in my thirties ... and still not having much of a clue. I'm not quite sure where I thought I'd be by 35, but I'm pretty sure this isn't it. Now, I kind of like where I am ... but I'm still getting used to the idea of not having a plan and figuring out as I go along.

Existential crisis for one, please!

Last night, My Guy and I went out for Chinese food. The restaurant was busy, and we were seated next to a table of four couples, all in their late 70s to early 80s. The girls sat at one end of the table, and the boys at the other. The boys were talking about sports, and the girls were gossiping and laughing.

It just made me happy. It made me miss my grandparents. And it made me realize that it doesn't matter what your chronological age might be - when you're with your friends, you're still about 20.

And then the harried waitress took our order. When I ordered a glass of wine, she asked for my ID. This alone delighted me, and I chalked it up to my baby-faced boy toy, who is four and a half years younger than I am.

But alas, no! The waitress looked at my ID. And started giggling and apologizing. "I'm so sorry! You look so young! I'm so sorry! Your skin - so young!"

Like I said: AWESOME.


sherilee said...

How fabulous. I think that always feels pretty good--I had someone say "no way!" when I told them I was 41 the other day... of course, it was a make-up person, SELLING me make up, but still, I chose to believe it!

Yeah for you! I have enjoyed ALL my many years post-35--in fact, they've been the best yet. Here's hoping the same for you.

Cyndi B. said...

I hope you left her a BIG tip! I know I would. But then, I'm going to be solidly into my 40's this year.

I agree with Sherilee, after 35 has been much better.

Anonymous said...

That? IS awesome.
Lord, I haven't been carded in over a decade. And I'm not THAT much older than you!

mel said...

The hubby got carded last week. When he seemed to not hear the gal, I poked him and told him she wanted to see his ID. He was so delighted he nearly threw all of his cards from his wallet before finally getting out his ID. He felt totally awesome!

hope505 said...

Ain't no thanng, chachita (that's just a little spanglish endearment for 'little cha cha' btw * ; )
1. you do look young! collegiate, even! Serio!
2. Dating a younger guy? Hello, Mrs. Robinson! *haha!* j/k
3. Being in your mid-30's is IDEAL. You are young enough to do as you please and old enough not to take any sh!t from anyone for it
4. You just tackled a pretty major landscape re-do, pretty much all on your own! If you were any younger, you wouldn't have bothered doing it (did you? no.)...if you were any older, your knees would have been too rickety and you would have had to pay some young punk to get that damn old edging out. dammit.
5. Seriously, the 3-5 is prime time, yo. Sieze that f*%ker. Shake it once, shake it twice, kiss yer sweetie an roll the dice!
* ; )

I look at it this way: being 44, I'm finally old enough to date someone half my age, if I want to. *haha!* Yeah, they still ask for my ID sometimes too. Chin up, girlfriend!

8 said...

I recently had a moment like that that and it feels SO NICE! How exciting for you ChaCha!