Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is it just me? This is weird, right?

I'm meeting some interesting characters at Mega Corporate Behemoth. Case in point: Oblivious Coworker.

I've had all of these conversations with OC. I'm not even kidding.

Me, admiring the hydrangeas on OC's desk: These are lovely! We just planted a hydrangea.
OC: Did you plant a blue one?
Me: Yeah.
OC: You know, I saw a house with blue hydrangeas out front, and it just looked weird.
Me: Uh?


OC: So, with this project, we need to OHMIGOD, what is that? Is that your lunch bag?
Me: Uh? Yeah?
OC: OHMIGOD, how old is that?
Me: Uh? A year or 2? It's just a reusable Whole Foods bag ...
OC: OHMIGOD, it's just so beaten down!


OC: I need a writer's opinion on something, and you'll just have to do.
Me, a professional writer: OHMIGOD. Gee, OK!
OC: Geez, don't get so huffy. Anyway ...


BlueBells said...

Hi Cha Cha- I started reading your blog recently... Not even sure how I stumbled on it, but I have to say- I love your voice! I completely get where you're coming from most of the time. And yes, totally agree about OC- we've got quite a few of them at our Chaotic Warehouse- I've learned to just laugh (always behind closed doors- people don't appreciate it when they think you're laughing at them). Good luck!

Patience_Crabstick said...

I came across your blog via Mrs. G. I have an OC of my own. She's on vacation right now, and it's lovely to get a break from her. Maybe yours will join the Peace Corps.

slow panic said...

you are right it is totally weird.