Monday, June 11, 2012

Shut yo' mouth!

It’s day 6 of my new gig at Mega Corporate Behemoth. Day 5 was great … the team went out for lunch, and I got to know some of my new coworkers. Also, I learned how to do some of my actual job. Wins all around!

But today? Well, it was quiet. Really quiet. And I was looking for ways to entertain myself. So, I tried to see if I could go all day without speaking to any of my teammates. Not because I’m anti-social or mean. Because I am bored.

See, most of the team sits in this area of sort-of open cubes. You know, those nice desks by the windows, with all the natural light?

Right. And I sit way far away from that. You know, those shitty grey cubes against the wall? The ones filled with everybody else’s broken chairs, old keyboard trays, and team softball trophies?

Yeah. Couple my leper-colony location with a team full of writer and designer folks who generally plug into their headphones and become one with their laptops, and this wasn’t such a challenging game after all.

I went 8 hours without talking to anyone.

While I have introvert tendencies, this was a new world record for me. But mostly? Mostly, it makes me wonder why I washed my hair today. And also if this gig could suck my soul dry.

Did I mention I’m bored?


Dorrie said...

Having been a consultant for the last 16 years, these stories bring back memories and make me laugh. The only upside to the various gigs I had was that I knew it was temporary, although some assignments lasted years. The 'bring your own supplies', crappy computers, chairs, cubicles, etc. It does provide you a lot of funny stories.

Lissa said...

:( I hope it gets better soon. We miss you!

slow panic said...

i hate that you are bored at your new job. i hope it gets better soon.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

DUDE. I'm only barely an extrovert, but going full days without saying a word drove me BATTY at my old job. Blergh.

Banjo @ Unfabulousness said...

I'm with Mary........ a few days without talking to my co-workers and I would probably contract a case of diarhea of the mouth and talk to the wall for 6 hours straight. Just to purge. Scary thought. *shudder*